TAMBOURINE is an online platform established in Madrid by Sara Arroyo and Silvia Pérez with the objective of researching and supporting the independent magazine scene. Through diverse activities, such as seminars, presentations and a webshop, TAMBOURINE aims to decipher the role of printed matter in contemporary culture, as well as provide its readers with the latest magazine releases, connecting the digital community with the highest quality, printed matter.


Photos by TAMBOURINE & María Vibot.

We attended KIOSKO 001, the first in a series of events dedicated to reinterpreting the traditional magazine newsstand (Kiosko in Spanish), through collaborations with different artists and creators, in order to bring new life to this concept and create a space for independent publications.

This first edition took place last May at photography studio RUGE, in the up-and-coming neighbourhood of Oporto in Madrid. Collaborating with the studio founders, artists Borja Llobregat and Ostap Yashchuk, TAMBOURINE built an installation to showcase the latest issues of national and international, independent magazines.

If you’re an artist, architect, furniture designer or any other type of creative who wants to collaborate with TAMBOURINE on future editions of KIOSKO you can reach Sara and Silvia on the following e-mail address: info@playthetambourine.com

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