UK Adventure Holidays to Try this Summer

The UK has an enormous amount to offer those seeking an active, outdoor holiday this summer. Whatever part of the country you’re based in, the chances are good that there’s a rewarding experience just around the corner. Let’s take a look at some of the best kinds of adventure holiday to consider.

Get Outdoors in the UK

There’s a lot to like about an outdoor holiday, especially in the summer. You’ll get sunshine, but perhaps not quite as much of it that you’re uncomfortable. You’ll have plenty of diverse landscapes to explore, including forest walks, mountain trails, and riverside hikes. Best yet, you’ll often find yourself spending relatively little money.

If you have access to a motorhome, then you’ll be able to access some of the country’s more remote and inaccessible places. Just make sure that you’re equipped with the necessities before you set out, including motorhome insurance.

Activities to Try

So, which activities might we consider for a summer adventure holiday in the UK? Let’s take a look.

Climbing the Three Peaks

There are three famous mountains in the UK, belonging to the three countries on the mainland. These are: Snowdon, in Wales; Ben Nevis, in Scotland; and Scafell Pike, in England. Experienced mountain hikers might be able to conquer all three peaks in a single day – but you might give yourself a little bit longer. You might factor in a range of activities into your mountain adventure, and give yourself an activity holiday to remember.

Walking Hadrian’s Wall

Among the oldest and most famous structures in the UK, Hadrian’s Wall spans the North of England. It was built by the Romans, who wanted to repel incursions by invaders from what is now Scotland. You can fairly easily hike along the entire thing, stopping off at several points along the way, and not forgetting a well-earned pub break.

Wild Camping in Scotland

The Highlands of Scotland are perfect for wild camping. In England and Wales, if you want to stay on the right side of the law, it’s usually best to ask the permission of the landowner before setting up. In Scotland, however, you can camp more-or-less wherever you like, thanks to right-to-roam laws.

Mountain bike the C2C

For experienced cyclists, mountain biking from one coast to another is a great way to see what the country has to offer. There are many different Coast 2 Coast routes, and each of them will have something slightly different to offer. As such, this is a form of holiday that you can indulge in again and again!

Coasteering in Pembrokeshire

The practice of ‘coasteering’ involves a range of activities involved in the coastline. These include scrambling, hiking, exploring, and even cliff-jumping. It’s an activity that’s popular in Wales, and especially in Pembrokeshire. It’s perfect for adventurous travellers!

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