aesthetic/theories magazine

Now in its second volume, aesthetic/theories is a biannual print publication focused on featuring artists, designers, intellectuals, and institutions that reflect and shape our cultural and creative patterns. We caught up with its editor, Samine Joudat, to discover more about how the magazine started, the influence of Los Angeles and what we can find in volume 2. Samine Joudat’s … Read More

The Grapevine

The Grapevine is a bi-monthly magazine set out to bring Scottish communities into sharper focus. After a redesign and a new launch, the publication is now available throughout Scotland with the objective of offering something unique and different to what’s currently available in Scottish newsstands. We caught up with The Grapevine’s editor, Alexander MacLeod, to find out about what made … Read More

Vanguards Magazine

Founded by James Roberts and Hugo Ross, Vanguards is a new magazine exploring and celebrating Scotland’s rich and diverse design and manufacturing tradition. We visited James and Hugo at the magazine’s studio just before the first issue was launched and we chatted about what made them start their own publication, what makes Vanguards different from the rest of independent magazines … Read More

Bookshelf: Romka Magazine

Romka Magazine is a collective photo album in which people from all over the world share the stories behind their favorite photographs. Since its beginnings as an online magazine 4 years ago, Romka has featured over 300 people from 45 countries, presenting stories ranging from little anecdotes to the most intimate memories. Joscha Bruckert, the editor of Romka, sent us … Read More

Bookshelf: Sunday Mornings at the River

A couple of weeks ago we received a copy of the second issue of Sunday Mornings at the River. This publication, curated and founded by Sanne Poppeliers and Rebecca Rijsdijk, is filled with the work of photographers ” who take their cameras with them on the road and into the mountains”. As inspiring as the first issue, the second installment … Read More