T-Cross Creativity Fest: More Than 1 Thing

Last weekend we attended T-Cross Creativity Fest, a new festival organised by Volkswagen in Madrid with the objetive of inspiring people through workshops, talks, gigs and other activities across different areas such as design, art, food, connectivity or technology. A different concept in which we were invited to discover, learn and listen. www.tcrossfest.com T-Cross Creativity Fest took place at Casa … Read More

Paraíso Festival 2019: Our Highlights

We recently talked about Paraíso Festival, an electronic music festival taking place in Madrid that has become one of the best music experiences in the city due to its carefully curated line-up, its connection to art and sustainability and its goal to serve as a platform for local DJs, producers and artists. We attended its second edition on 14-15 June … Read More

Radio Cascabel

Radio Cascabel is a musical and visual project started by Argentines Estefi Panizza and Diego Jalfen. Curating the most exciting Latin American sounds, Radio Cascabel offers playlists, sound design, live DJ sets and other musical and visual services. We talked to its two founders to find out more about how this project started, their recent move to London and the … Read More