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Studio Collect is an Antwerp-based jewellery label founded by designers Hermien Cassiers, Saskia Govaerts, Magaly Hermans and Hannah van Lith. They all met while studying at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and after realising that they shared similar ideas and vision, decided to start Studio Collect in February 2013.

Our contributing photographer Joke De Wilde visited their studio in Antwerp and we interviewed them to find out more about their beginnings, inspirations and future plans.

Photos by Joke de Wilde.

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How did Studio Collect start?

We met at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp where we studied Jewellery Design. During our studies we instantly felt there was a connection between us: we discussed our work processes, gave each other feedback and shared similar ideas about jewellery design. Once we graduated, we looked for a workspace we could share to continue our individual work. In the suburbs of Antwerp we found the perfect space in a former factory. First, we each worked on our own designs, but after a few months we felt the need to join forces and work on a collection designed by the four of us. Today we are two years old and have already worked on two collections. The third collection will be launched this fall.

With four designers behind the label, how do you organise yourselves and assign roles?

When it comes to designing a collection, we work very closely together. We each bring different inspirations to the table and discuss them. Once we have decided what topic we find most interesting, we start drawing or making prototypes in 3D. Throughout that process we constantly show our ideas to each other and ask for everyone’s opinion. Because we all have a different approach to the subject we are working on, this often leads to unexpected and interesting results. Because every piece is passed through four pairs of hands, none of them are made by just one, but by all of us.

Off course running a small company is not only about making the product, there are a lot of other things you have to take care of. Luckily we are a complimentary team and have our own skills and strengths, so we can divide all tasks equally. For instance, one of us takes care of the accounting, one organizes the production, another one takes care of the communication, etc. But we help each other out when needed.

Please tell us a little bit about the main inspirations behind Studio Collect’s pieces.

Our inspiration is often derived from architectural forms and compositions. But furniture and objects can also fascinate us, or a certain material, things we see in the street, a technique, etc. it’s usually a mix between those elements that leads us to our collections. We aim to make inventive jewellery with designs that aren’t obvious. Every piece we make is something we would wear ourselves.

What are Studio Collect’s future plans?

During the last few months our company is starting to grow as we have three new shops, two in Amsterdam and one in Utrecht, that will sell our collections. It is exciting to know other people who like what we make and support us – it is a very rewarding feeling. Those things give us the motivation and energy to keep going. In the near future we want to make sure more and more people get to know Studio Collect and find more retailers across Europe to sell our pieces. But most of all, we want to continue getting inspired by each other and creating jewellery.

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