Simple Tips For New Artists

Becoming an artist is one of those big leaps you can take in life when you have a creative mind and a talent for visuals. Art is a stunning form of, well, art – and it is something that is accessible to anyone and takes many different forms. 

Today we want to talk about becoming an artist for the first time or taking your first leap into the art world. There are so many amazing things you can do and ways to experiment and find your flow.

We are going to take a look today at some simple tips and things you should do when trying art as a newbie. There are a few basic skills every artist needs and we want to help you with those and more today. 

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Practice sketching 

The first thing you should do when you try art is sit down with a pencil and paper and try to sketch something. The easiest way to draw is to have a reference photo to look at – and once you have on in front of you you can practice sketching it a few times. Don’t worry of you don’t get the gist of something right away – it takes practice! For many artists the simplest way to approach a subject such as a person or an animal is to start with shapes. A cat’s face for example is made of a circle, two triangles, and an oval. The circle is for the head, the triangles are the ears, and the oval is the snout. By having these foundations drawn before you start it will help you with perspective and sizing. Take an online class it look at YouTube tutorials for a better idea of how to do this.

Learn colour theory 

Colour is the most fundamental part of art and it is something that most artists will use to portray a piece or evoke an emotion. As a new artist one of the first things you should do is learn about the colour wheel and learn how to mix colours together to make more. If you were to be a purist; you would only ever need 5 paint colours in your arsenal: white, red, yellow, blue, and black. All of these colours can make every other colour imaginable. Practicing how to make colours from the primary’s can be a useful exercise when learning about art – but of course you can use premise paints or materials for your work.

Experiment with your style 

Finding a style as an artist can be difficult and often you’ll spend loads of time on Pinterest looking at everyone else’s work and wanting to try loads of different styles. As an artist you will eventually find a specific tone and style of work that works for you. It might take some trial and error – and this is where experimentation comes in. A good exercise would be to take one reference photo – for example a tiger – and try to recreate it in a few different styles. You could try realism, expressionism, abstract, or more. There are lots of fun ways to view and create a piece and as you try different styles you’ll find the one that works for you. 

Let it flow 

It is so important as a new artist to go with the flow and allow yourself to do what feels right. Don’t worry too much about finishing a piece of you feel like moving on to another – allow your heart and your hand to guide you. The best way an artist works is in their own time and their own way – and this means a lot of the time you might flit between pieces. But allow your artistic talent to flow naturally. It will be worth it.

Take prints

As a new artist one thing you will want to consider is taking prints and canvas prints of your pieces to sell on. Artists make money by selling their work – but often more than one person will want a copy of a great piece. This is why you should scan and take prints of your pieces and have them on hand for people to buy. It will allow you to make more money as an artist but will also mean you get to keep your originals until you are ready to sell them. 

Try abstract 

If you want to try a fun exercise as an artist one day – grab some acrylic paints and make an abstract piece. Abstract pieces make you think more about colours and how they fit together – and it can also loosen you up if you are having some artist block. Allow yourself to play around with some paints and make a few different pieces and you never know, they could be good enough to add to your shop!

Have fun 

The most important thing to remember as an artist is to have fun with your work. When your art starts to feel like it isn’t for you anymore – this is where you should stop and take a break. Art should be your own pet project and it should be about you creating what you want to create. Don’t allow anyone to force you into commissions or pieces that you don’t enjoy because the quality won’t be the same as if you are creating something you love.

Don’t compare yourself 

It is very important as an artist to never compare yourself to others. None of us are going to be Leonardo Da Vinci – but that doesn’t mean our art isn’t beautiful in its own way. Focus on your own style and your own voice, and don’t allow other people’s art to influence your own. It is important to stay true to your style and your way of art instead of bending to others will. Being an artist is about self expression – so express yourself in a way that you want to and not like anyone else!

Art is a beautiful thing and we hope if you are considering taking the leap into this world that you try some of these tips.


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