Sergio Membrillas

Sergio Membrillas is an illustrator living and working in Valencia, Spain. We chatted with Sergio to find out more about he got first interested in illustration, his inspiration and plans for the upcoming months.

Studio photos by Raúl Pérez.


How did you become interested in illustration?

I have been always interested in drawing, since I was a little kid. It has always been my biggest passion, but I only got to know that I could make a living out of drawing after my fine arts degree. It took me a little while to focus on it, but I have learnt a lot on the way.

I liked to draw ancient sculptures at the university even though I didn’t know that would be important in my future, the way it is right now. I think those facts helped to shape something inside of me that I can apply in my everyday life now.


What are the main inspirations behind your work?

Daily life, photography and design books, and the internet. And by saying the internet, I mean all the content in there and all the cool resources of history of graphic design and illustration that you can find. Like videos of Saul Steinberg talking or the short films by the Eames. It is difficult to mention all the cool stuff that can inspire you at the same time.

So yes, basically, the internet, interior design, art, architecture, and the big masters, of course: Eckersley, Shapur or Eksell.


Could you share some of your favourite projects you’ve worked on with us?

Lately, the upcoming Future Islands posters, the illustrations for the awesome Pallet magazine and some of my last Adweek and Aftenposten illustrations.


What other illustrators and designers based in Valencia we should know about?

Valencia is a city full of creative talent. I like to call it the Spanish Berlin – I know it is still not there yet , but we are getting closer step by step.

Here are some of my favourites from different disciplines: illustrators Antonio Ladrillo and Milimbo, and designers Nueve estudio, Dani Sanchis, and lamamba.

There are also two creative businesses that I love: carmencita film lab, that develops analog film from all around the world and obsolete letterpress, one of the best letterpress in Europe.


What are your plans for the upcoming months?

The usual : working, travelling as much as I can and enjoying the sun of my city while drinking coffee. Plus, a new editorial adventure that is a secret but will be a total challenge. I will let you know when it is done 🙂



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