What to pack for a business trip overseas

Are you jetting off abroad on an overseas business trip? Follow this comprehensive packing list to ensure that no essentials are left behind, from work-related electronics to vital travel documents.

Business essentials

Begin with the business essentials as these will be important to you in achieving your goals, whether you’re pitching to new clients, attending a fair or updating investors. 

Ensure you have your electronic equipment including your laptop and phone or tablet, along with the relevant chargers. It’s best to have these pre-charged in case you need to use them as you travel. A copy of your presentation or documentation stored on a USB stick is a useful backup, as is a personal internet hub so you can access your company cloud anywhere anytime. 

You can store any paper documentation that you need for the meeting alongside your laptop in your carry-on bag. This might include print-outs of your presentation, important forms and business cards.  Don’t forget to take a notebook and pen so you can record the details of the meeting.

Personal appearance

To represent yourself and your company to their best advantage, you must make a good first impression. This will give people confidence in you and the values and capabilities of your business. 

Travel in or with a suitable arrival outfit to ensure you look your best from the word go. Unless you’re flying business class, it’s a good idea to wait and change into this outfit at the last minute to avoid creases. Quick-fix appearance enhancers like hair-thickening spray, face wipes, a toothbrush and a hairbrush will go a long way towards refreshing your look and lifting your mood after a long journey. 

When deciding which clothes to take on your trip, consider the country, climate and any codes. It’s important to dress in a way that’s respectful and appropriate but also comfortable. Bear in mind any events that you’re attending during your trip and check the dress codes ahead of time.

Post-work activities or weekends will be spent sightseeing if you’re lucky. Pack a pair of walking shoes and a waterproof to keep you dry in case of sudden showers. A watch is useful for when you’re working and leisure time and makes you less dependent on your phone.

Travel documents

Lastly, collate your travel documents ahead of time to ensure you have everything you need. There’s nothing worse than being late or missing a meeting altogether in a world where time is money. 

Use a travel wallet to organise your documents, storing the documents in the order they’ll be needed for ease. This will include any travel tickets, your itinerary with arrival information and contact details, and possibly a visa if one is required. There’s also space for your passport and other forms of ID.

You might also want to carry a guidebook to the country you’re visiting and a pocket phrasebook to help you communicate effectively throughout the trip.

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