Offscreen Magazine

We picked up Issue 12 of Offscreen magazine on our recent trip to Berlin’s Do You Read Me?! and spent a couple of mornings reading it from cover to cover, enjoying every sentence.

As you can read on the magazine’s website, “Offscreen is a high-quality print periodical with an in-depth look at the life and work of people that use the internet to be creative and build successful businesses.”

The print quality and design are beautiful but what makes this magazine extra special is its content. There are many great features and articles in this issue but we especially enjoyed reading the interviews with Matt ‘Mills’ Miller from ustwo (digital studio behind the Monument Valley game) and Jason Fried, the Co-founder of Basecamp, in which we can find out more about their humble beginnings starting their own companies.

We love the idea of the magazine showcasing the human side of digital and encouraging its readers to put their laptops and phones down, taking a break and slowing down. Kai Brach, its founder, deserves a round of applause for creating this very unique publication.


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