Why Neutral Backgrounds Are So Useful

Photography is really an abstract art posing as conceptual realism. You’re not just capturing something as it is, but rather, you’re capturing a perception of what something is. We all know that although cameras work a lot like the human eye, they don’t’ see as we do. They have better focus, more range of color interpretations and they can even make optical illusions where once there were none to be found. Maybe that is why neutral is so important for us. In so many ways, neutral backgrounds are useful to our eyes and it’s because they help us to perceive objects both as they are, and as they could be in our minds. But where does this occur in the real world?

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Product photography

If you were a small business, you would want your product to be shown in the best light. There’s no other way to do this than in a photography studio. This is because the neutral background, adaptability for the space to become anything you want, (which helps in perception manipulation) and lighting changes, is so useful to product photography. You can hire a photography studio that can look like a living room, a garden, an outdoor living area or pretty much anything you want. They are inherently empty but not quite, empty. They have room to maneuver, change, adapt and be made in such a way, as to build up the image of a product. The most important thing is, having neutral walls. White, beige, cream, silver, black and grey are the colors permissible.

Bringing out your features

Neutral Backgrounds are also used for headshots. Actors want their features to blossom and stand out, so a white background is chosen. But for those that want to change the shape of their face, or perhaps bolster their age, they could choose a black background instead. It’s a tug of war that’s been going on among actors for many decades, in terms of which is better. But the truth be told, they are both better than having something in the background. The entire focus should be on you. And the only way to do that is to use colors which don’t conflict with your skin, eyes and hair. Headshot photographers charge a petty penny too, because they know how to focus on your face and yet still keep the neutral background in focus too. This way your features can look both natural and more defined.

More depth and variety

Modern homes have neutral walls and that is a godsend to photographers in the real estate market. By having white or black walls, the decor stands out more. The changes of shape, color and size, play a more magnified role in the photography of interiors because of it. It’s also why so many people like the minimalist style, because they want more of what they like, to stand out and not be overshadowed.

The neutral background in photography is at first glance, rudimentary. Bt actually, when you do it right and you have the right subject, you bring out the best in it.

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