What Makes a House Design Contemporary?

Contemporary homes have changed drastically over the past couple of years. While minimalism and clean lines have mostly dominated the past decade when it comes to high-end homes, these days, we’re starting to see a common theme of “fun” house styles that are much looser in definition and more difficult to pinpoint. Contemporary houses don’t seem to follow a trend anymore, making it hard to describe the aspects that make a house seem progressive and explorative in terms of design.

So in this post, we’re going to take a look at some of the aspects of contemporary house design and how you could potentially transform your home into something completely different.

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Exploring different surfaces, textures and materials

Most modern and older homes focus on a handful of established surfaces, textures and materials. In a contemporary home, a heavy emphasis is placed on the textures and patterns that a surface has, in addition to the style and type of materials and even the surfaces they are used on. It’s not uncommon to mix different grains of wood, types of concrete or even irregular tile patterns that aren’t commonly seen.

Minimalism is still a factor, but it’s far from sterile

Minimalism seems to be a constant when it comes to high-end home design, but there are different styles to keep in mind. In the past, sterile design with neutral colors and a focus on removing items from rooms was the most popular choice. These days, contemporary house design focuses on a more playful style of minimalism where mismatched furniture and interesting textures and patterns are more commonly used. You can be more experimentative with minimalism on contemporary house design, breaking norms that you might be used to and being more expressive with your furniture and color choices.

Mixing form and function

Another common aspect of contemporary house design is the equalization of form and function. Good architecture and design no longer sacrifice practical features that make our homes more comfortable to live in. Designs today will incorporate all kinds of house-wide features, such as a central vacuum system, HVAC features, ventilation and even focus on lowering energy consumption to make the home cheaper to run. These features aim to increase the quality of life in the home while also being friendly to the environment and saving you money.

Playful staircases

Staircases are difficult to design because they need to be functional and architecturally stable. This is a great example of form and function being equally as important, but also a great example of how simple features and structures in the home can be overhauled and styled in unique ways to give the home a completely new and interesting look that hasn’t been imagined before. You can have a lot of fun when it comes to unique and creative staircase designs, provided that they are stable and make sense in the context of your home instead of having a statement piece for the sake of being different.

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