Halo Publications

Founded by Corentine Jaunard and later joined by Lauriane Godart, Halo Publications is a collective of graphic designers based in Brussels.

Since its beginnings in 2011, Halo Publications has developed projects based around a common interest in bookmaking and design. Halo Publication’s approach hasn’t changed and its founders still continue to work with artists, architects, academics, and anyone whose process allows them to reflect on the sensitivity of graphic forms. The finished product is the result of meetings and contemplations, deciding on factors such as paper choices, binding styles and layouts.

Halo Publications also work on self-published personal projects such as as (Ch)A(ts)ccumalation and the collective’s own Tumblr. The members of Halo Publications emphasise on how these works are important for them as they allow them to work spontaneously with the common theme of transposing the content of the internet into book form.

You can find more information about Halo Publications on the website below and on Facebook:


Photos by Studio Blikk


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