Glass: tactile interior design

The buzzword of the day when it comes to interior design is industrial. All things mechanical, steampunk, wooden, rustic, metal and chrome-laden are placed within our humble abodes to create a mock industrial look. The appetite for all things reclaimed such as railway sleepers, pharmaceutical apothecary drawers, and old mining lamps have become insatiable as people clamor for the opportunity to bring a touch of the industrial into their homes. While metal and chrome and other oxidized metals are becoming on trend, people are neglecting the tactile beauty of glass. Glass in all its forms can make a spectacular design statement within your home and could complement your industrial look effectively.

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Let There Be Light

While you might be happy with those spotlights that every other household seems to have within their pads, you might be after more of a statement piece to bring ambiance to your home. Lasvit lights choose to take the humble glass to shape and mold into unique lighting experiences. Lamps, chandeliers and colored moldings create awe-inspiring ways to light up the rooms within your home without a paper lantern or spotlight in sight.

Stained Glass

The artisan trade of staining glass has been around for centuries and can be seen in churches across the nation. The beauty of antique stained glass panes can be marveled at once again if you incorporate them into the interior design of your home. You might want to create a feature window so when the sunlight cascades into your home, the flecks of color dance upon your oak floorboards. Or perhaps you fancy using stained glass in a more quirky way, on a coffee table top or as a wardrobe frontage.


The UPVC double glazing that is synonymous with houses up and down the country has its place as a soundproofing and energy efficient aspect of your home. But you can also go one step further with your glazing to create entire frontages and facades made out of toughened and top quality glass. Natural light will flood your living space making for a lighter and more airy living environment conducive to healthier living. You will enjoy better views into your garden areas, and you can really bring the outdoors into your home.


If you have a staircase within your home and you’re keen to make a feature of it, you may be tempted to head to a joiners and install a bespoke oak balustrade, or you may want to finish your staircase with some reclaimed spindles. However, for a more modern look, why not consider a glass balustrade. These can create the illusion of space and don’t act as a barrier between your staircase and the rest of your hallway. A glass balustrade creates a sleek, minimalist and chic look perfect for a modern home.

 Glass is a material that yearns to be utilized a little more within your four walls. It’s important never to forget the beauty and simplicity of glass when designing the interior of your home.

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