Gino Pozzo, Owner of the Watford Football Club

One of the most respected people in the world of football is Gino Pozzo. He is currently the owner of the English Premier League football club that is located in Watford. He was raised in an Italian family that was filled with very passionate football fans. The passion of both of his parents rubbed off on Gino when he was a very young boy. He was a big fan of several football clubs in Italy when he was growing up. His parents bought a football club in Italy in the middle of the 1980s. They were able to afford this big purchase because they had made a lot of money from a successful woodworking business. 

Gino was sent to college in the United States. He graduated with a degree from the Harvard Business School. When he returned to Italy, he found that he was not interested in taking over the family woodworking business. He decided that he wanted to run a professional football club just like his father did. It should be noted that his father was able to successfully turn the team around and make them a success. Gino believed that he had the skill to do the same thing. His father bought a second football club and also turned that club into a winner. 

Gino Pozzo moved from Italy to France. He began to look at potential football clubs that he would be able to afford. By this time. his family had started a very profitable appliance company. It became known that the English Premier League team in Watford was going up for sale. Watford is just the type of club that Gino had been looking for. The club was a perennial loser. They were also very poorly managed by the previous ownership group. Gino thought that he had the ability to turn the club around both financially and on the pitch. 

Gino knew that he had a very tough task in front of him. However, he never let that bother him before. The opportunity to own a Premier League club was just too great to pass up. He made the purchase and took control of the Watford football club. He was not going to be a passive owner. He wanted to be at the helm for every major decision that impacted the club. Therefore, he moved his family to England. This was a big adjustment for his wife and two children. However, they eventually fell in love with British culture.

Gino Pozzo knows that the process of turning Watford around will not be something that happens overnight. However, he is in this for the long haul. He and his family feel that they know enough about the way a football club should be run to turn Watford into a winner. This will not be a very easy task. That is because clubs like Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool have very deep pockets. Therefore, they are willing to shell out insane amounts of money in order to get the best players in the world. Watford does not have that sort of budget.

Gino Pozzo is very happy that he made the decision to buy Watford. He has fallen in love with the city and the fans of the club that he now owns. He would like nothing better than to bring these loyal and long-suffering fans a Premier League title. Liverpool just finished a very dominant season on their way to winning the title. Gino Pozzo understands there is a big gap between Watford and Liverpool. However, he firmly believes that he can close that gap eventually.

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