How To Get More Involved With The Theater

One way to spend your time and entertain yourself is through and with the theater. There are a lot of opportunities out there for you to immerse yourself in it and learn more. If you’re someone who’s creative and has a passion for acting and music then it’s definitely worth your efforts to increase your knowledge and engagement with it.

You may have a desire to improve your familiarity and skills but aren’t sure where to start. You’ve come to the right place to understand ways for how you can get more involved with the theater and make it a more significant part of your life.


Find Useful Resources

One way to get more involved with the theater is to seek out useful resources and experts who can offer you insights and advice in the area. For example, one name that sticks out and that you’ll want to look into is Travis Preston with CalArts. He has an impressive resume and background and one of his passions is being a resource for those looking for more information and guidance around entering the scene and learning about the industry.  

Volunteer Behind the Scenes

You can get more involved with the theater by volunteering behind the scenes in your free time. Find out more about the opportunities in your area and who may need your help with upcoming productions and performances. It’s an excellent way to gain new knowledge and develop your skills in the field. You’ll also likely meet a lot of like-minded individuals who you can learn from and bounce ideas off of. Be on the lookout for a person who may be able to act as a mentor for you and help you continue to grow and develop your knowledge and maybe even make a career out of it.

Start Acting

Consider acting and getting on stage yourself as a way to get more involved with the theater. Acting will give you an appreciation for what those in theater do and go through each day. You can work on building confidence in yourself and acting skills and feeling good about yourself as you take on more roles and make it a bigger part of your life. Take acting classes and then go out and audition for roles that interest you.

See Shows & Read Reviews

Another opportunity and way to get more involved with the theater is to see shows and read the reviews from critics and the audience. You can learn a lot about the theater and industry by going out and observing these performances and actors. Come up with your own opinion of each show and then read the reviews to compare your view to what others thought of it.


These are a few ways and options for how you can get more involved with the theater and make it a larger part of your daily life. You may find you enjoy it so much that you turn it into a career or use it as a way to fill your free time. Have some fun with it and notice how your appreciation for the arts grows as you learn and experiment with it.

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