Everything You Need To Know To Become A Successful Uber Driver

It is easier than ever to get a side hustle that works within a flexible schedule. The gig economy is allowing people to make extra money or even start a new career or business. People are able to afford a mortgage or put themselves through college thanks to the ability to work temporary gigs.

Uber is a very popular way of doing this as it can pay very well when you do it right and you work on your own schedule. Just like anything else, you get out what you put in. In other words, if you focus and do your best then it can pay really well. If you only do the minimum then it won’t do much for your finances.

In this article, we will go over what it takes to be a successful Uber driver these days.

Drive the right car

There are three factors that need to be satisfied when it comes to the right car for an Uber driver.

The first is that it needs to be a very nice and comfortable ride for the guests. The condition needs to look as close to perfect as it gets. With the paint job looking fresh and the interior not worn or torn anywhere. There should be plenty of legroom to stretch out and not feel boxed in.

The second is that it should be economical. The operating cost should be as low as possible so that you have a higher profit margin. An electric or hybrid vehicle is a good idea to keep the trip costs down for fuel. Insurance can be high on certain types of vehicles so make sure to go for one that doesn’t have a high premium. Also, it shouldn’t be too expensive to repair when there are inevitable problems or routine maintenance.

Lastly, the car needs to be reliable. A car that is often in the shop is not only going to cost you money but it will prevent you from making money when it is out of commission. If you are buying a car from a Dodge dealer in Waxahachie TX, for example, look for models that have a good history of reliability. 

Without these factors present in the car you drive, the earnings will be difficult to come by. What has to be remembered is that part of the ratings for drivers that riders give is about the car. These reviews will reflect on you for other riders who will choose you based on your rating. If your car is getting negative marks then the earnings will suffer as a result.

Pick the best times to drive

The best time to drive for Uber is the time that you have available. What that means is that although there are certain times of certain days that people make the most money, if you can’t drive during those times then drive when you can.

That said, if it can be done it is best to choose those times so you have a chance to make some serious money.

Where you are driving is going to have an impact on when you should. Not every place is the same so it does depend on what the market conditions are like where you plan to work.

In large cities, there are a number of times which work well giving you a lot of flexibility. If you live near a metro area then it makes sense to position yourself in the city during the rush hour. 7 to 9 am during the week and then again between 5 to 7 pm will give you access to commuters that are either trying to get to work or home from a part of the city or to the commuter rail.

Also, the city is the place to be on the weekends, usually at night. Be available Friday nights pretty much after work until late at night if possible. Saturday all day especially later at night is a good time that will give you consistent rides. And Sundays can be good too especially if there are cultural events that happen around the city.

Those are the peak times so outside of that there will a lot less demand. However, there will also be less competition. It could be a good opportunity to be available during times that are traditionally slow.

Also, understand how the city or town works as there are always going to be off-hours that work anyway. For instance, in Boston, there is an area of the city where most hospitals are located. Around that neighborhood, an Uber rider can make very good money while the rest of the city is slow for rides. 

Add value

People don’t just take an Uber to get from point A to point B. they also expect some service and an experience. There should be an effort to give some added value to the ride to make it a more enjoyable experience. This will reflect on your reviews and make you more money in the long term.

Many drivers offer snacks and beverages to their riders as a way to give a little extra. There are other things that you can have available that people appreciate. Things like a mirror so they can adjust themselves or fix makeup before arriving are a good idea.

Providing some sightseeing narration is also a nice touch if you live in a touristy area. Although this does require reading your rider to see if they would rather have it quiet. Part of knowing the city is also knowing where the bathrooms are so if somebody needs to stop you know where the nearest one is.


As a side hustle, driving for Uber is a true hustle. It requires putting in the time and making sure that you are consistent. A good work ethic is required even if it rarely feels like work. All the time and effort can pay off when you have a reputation built up and get rewarded with a lot of rides.

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