European Activity Holidays to Try in 2024

Have you ever gone on holiday only to find yourself getting a bit restless while hanging around the pool or lying on the beach all day? If so, you’ll likely find the idea of an activity holiday extremely exciting.

By basing your break around a particular type of activity, you open the door to a whole host of potential new experiences. You can visit regions or towns that are further off the beaten track and see your destination through the eyes of a local.

With one-third of Brits planning to go abroad in 2024, it’s a good time to try something different and avoid the crowds.

Where do I start?

There are two ways you can approach it. Either pick an activity that you enjoy and look for suitable locations or head to your dream destination and try your hand at something new.

Always make sure you get a good understanding of the activity level before you book anything, though. You won’t want to find yourself facing a 100-kilometre bike ride through the Alps if you’re not an experienced road cyclist, for example. Many providers give their activity holidays a grading so you know how challenging it will be and can gauge the level of fitness required.

What should I do?


There aren’t many experiences that can match the beauty and thrill of being on the slopes. Austria is a popular location for ski holidays because it has a long and bountiful snow season. The lower altitude compared to the French Alps means it’s good for cross-country skiing too.

Cycling tours

Getting around by bike is great because you can tick off a number of different locations in a single holiday – plus you get to enjoy the journey between them and take as many detours as you like.


If you want to go into some more remote areas, a walking holiday is a great option. Take in views from paths that are only accessible to hikers and revel in the sense of achievement that comes with reaching the summit of a climb. It’s one of the best ways to reconnect with nature, which can be beneficial for your mental health.


A surfing holiday gives you the best of both worlds; when you’re not taking to the waves and learning how to glide across the surface of the water you can sit back and relax on the beach! And if you can’t get the knack of surfing, there are bound to be plenty of other water sports you can try.


Adrenaline junkies might enjoy a trip to the Sjoa River in Norway or the Noce River in Italy to tackle the rapids. Kayaking can also be far more sedate, providing you with a chance to soak up the sound of the water and spot native wildlife.

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