How to Enjoy Stockholm to the Max

Sweden is a country with so much to offer visitors, especially when you’re visiting the country for the first time. Near the top of the list of things Sweden has to offer is undoubtedly its capital city, Stockholm. It’s a vibrant city that’s full of life, art and culture. You’ll never be short of things to do or see, so maybe this should be your next city break destination.

If you’re going to head to Stockholm, though, you first need to know a bit about how to enjoy it to the max. Apart from knowing what to pack in your suitcase, there are lots of things that you won’t want to miss out on while you’re there, and we’re going to run through some of the most important things you’ll want to see and do during your time there. Read on to find out more.

Head to the Top of City Hall’s Tower for the Best Views

If you want the very best views over Stockholm, you should head to the top of the tower that’s connected to the City Hall, or the Stadshuset in Swedish. Although you do have to pay to get to the top of the tower, you’ll be glad you paid for it. It’s an incredible panoramic view over the city. If you take your camera with you, you’ll get some incredible pictures of the city in its full glory.

Explore the Old Town

With narrow streets and cobblestone alleyways, it’s very easy to get lost in Stockholm’s Old Town, but that’s all part of the fun. Explore it for a full day and see everything it has to offer. It’s a part of the city that’s entirely unique and brimming with character. You certainly won’t want to miss out on this incredible part of Stockholm, so don’t fall into the trap of overlooking it.

Take to Stockholm’s Hiking Trails

You might not have been planning on going hiking when you decided to head to Stockholm, but it’s actually a great way to experience this location. Stockholm actually has three major hiking trails and they each offer something fantastic. If you love to explore and walk, make sure you hike at least one of them.

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Enjoy the Art Galleries and Museums

The Moderna Museet is one of the best art galleries you’ll find anywhere in Scandinavia, and you should be sure to stop off there and have a look around while you’re in Stockholm. You should also see which art fairs are on while you’re in the city because there’s often a lot of great art to buy at these. Some people say the best art gallery in Stockholm is actually the subway system. Its long passages are adorned with incredible art and it’s free to browse them; there are even tours available.

Tour the Swedish Parliament for Free

Sweden is famed for its long-standing and tolerant social democracy and if you’re interested in all things political, you should definitely take the time to visit the Swedish parliament, known as the Riksdag. It’s also possible to take advantage of one of the free tours that are offered there. They take place each weekend and start at 1:30pm during the winter and four times each weekday in the summer. It’s a lengthy and fascinating tour led by people who really know what they’re talking about.

Workout at an Outdoor Gym

There are 38 outdoor gyms in Stockholm alone. They’re something of a revelation in Sweden and many people enjoy spending time outdoors working out. If you’re usually a regular at the gym and you don’t want to lose your gains while you’re traveling, you should visit one of Stockholm’s outdoor gyms and workout in a context that you’ve probably never worked out in before.

Spend Time on Stockholm’s Popular Beaches

Not many people realise this if they’ve never been to Stockholm before, but there are actually a range of great beaches in Stockholm and you should be sure to make the most of them when you’re there. The best include Långholmsbadet and Smedsuddsbadet, but there are many others too. There’s also a lot of very beautiful and picturesque canals that you can explore. Be sure to take the time to do that.

Stockholm has so much to offer and if you haven’t yet taken the time to visit the Swedish capital, you should think about planning your trip there. It’s a city with so much to offer in terms of culture, and the Swedish people are great too. It’s the perfect place to start when visiting Sweden for the first time.

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