Chiang Mai City Guide | How to Explore Like Locals

For most people planning a tour or vacation, Thailand is always on the top of the list. For so many years, the number of tourists flocking the country has always gone up. Thailand has a favourable climate, tropical beaches, fantastic food, and vibrant life. The most common city receiving tourists in Thailand is Bangkok. Bangkok is a busy city offering lively nightlife, a beautiful panorama view, cultural festivals, good food, and luxury shopping outlets. However, Chiang Mai is a place for a person who loves quiet life.

Chiang Mai is the largest city in northern Thailand. It is not as busy as Bangkok and Nakhon. Instead of heavy traffic, Chiang Mai offers beautiful scenery with misty mountains, hills, and historic temples. The city has so much to offer that people who have been there always look forward to going back. If you Chiang Mai is a great tourist destination if you plan to travel to a new place and a famous destination to teach English in Thailand. Here is a Chiang Mai travel guide for you.

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A Guide to Chiang Mai

1. Climatic conditions

Chiang Mai has favourable temperatures all around the year. However, it is essential to note that temperatures can go slightly higher than average during summer and lower during the winter. That is because the city is 700 meters above sea level. Expect rains between May all through to October. Even then, you can plan a tour of this fantastic city any time of the year. Remember to pack a jacket if you plan your vacation in the winter.

2. Accommodation

When people plan on a vacation, accommodation is one of the determining factors in where to go. Accommodation in Chiang Mai should not give you sleepless nights. There are excellent and affordable hotels near the airport and the train station. If you love nature more, you can book hotels near or along the banks of the Ping River.

3. Meals

One of the most frustrating things is to travel somewhere and find meals you have never seen before or those you do not take at all. Remember, not everyone likes trying out different foods in the first instance. Chiang Mai considers every visitor, and they have restaurants that have different varieties of food where everyone can fit in. local cuisines, international cuisines, and vegetarian diets are all available in the city. Try the Khao Soy. You will love it.

4. What to remember about Chiang Mai

The nature in the city is something to behold. Being surrounded by hills and mountains gives you the need to appreciate natures’ beauty. Chiang Mai also offers you the opportunity to trek, cycle, and zip line. If you love kayaking, then this is a destination that you should consider going to. Lying by the Ping River and watching as the sun sets is something you do not want to miss.

5. Costs

Everything in Chiang Mai is affordable. The food, the accommodation, and the shopping. If you want to hire a tour guide, it will not cost you much compared to other tourist destinations in other parts of the world. Hiring a tour guide will help you know and visit many places, know their language and see things from the locals’ perspectives.


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