5 top tips to help you settle in London

Just about to move to London? If so, you’ve got a huge adventure ahead of you! 

No matter where you’re moving from in the UK, settling into London could feel worlds apart from your previous routine. From the sheer number of people to the availability of cafés, bars, shops, libraries and everything in between, the capital is teeming with life and opportunity.

Ready to get going? Before you unpack your bags, read our 5 top tips to settling down in London.

Moving to London: 5 things to do before settling in


  • Sort your accommodation


Ideally, you’ll need to sort out your accommodation before you move – but if you’re struggling to find something, you could stay with a friend or in a hotel in the meantime.

Rent prices in London are notoriously high. While it might feel tricky to get onto the property ladder, it’s worth investing in your own London property now if you’ve got savings. Otherwise, if you’re stretched for cash, there are plenty of flat share options that could prove invaluable while you save money through your fist few years in the city.


  • Open a bank account


Next, you should get your finances organised. Opening a UK bank account means you can enjoy great flexibility and instant cash withdrawals at thousands of cash points and retailers across the city. Choosing a Contactless card simplifies travelling around on the Tube because you can simply swipe at the gates with contactless pay as you go for each journey.


  • Get health cover


Next, while you’ll be able to access brilliant NHS hospitals in London, it could be prudent to arrange private health insurance. Whether you do this through your employer or from your own savings, it’s an investment that could safeguard your long-term health. 

In London more than anywhere else, this is crucial: it determines your ability to work, socialise, and get around the city. To find your closest GP surgery, check online with NHS England.


  • Find the right job


Getting a job that keeps you motivated is important in London. 

While meeting your living costs should be your priority, you should try to find an opportunity that resonates with your ambition. When you enjoy what you do, living in London will be more fulfilling. There are hundreds of applicants to nearly every job posting in the capital, so your application needs to stand out. Clear debts before you apply to ensure that you pass employment credit checks with flying colours. 


  • Walk around your new neighbourhood


Finally, the best way to discover your local area is on foot. While getting on the Tube takes you directly to the sites and destinations you’ve planned to visit, one of the best things about London is how much you can find unexpectedly.

From quaint independent book shops to artisan coffee shops, there’s bound to be some brilliant finds on your doorsteps. So, put your shoes on and stroll from busiest streets, through the park, and onto your first find. Have fun!

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