3 Versatile Dresses for Everyday Wear

Spring is quickly turning into summer and the weather is warming up. Trees are getting greener, the flowers are blooming, and the sun seems brighter than ever. These longer warmer days also give us more time to enjoy doing activities with our kids.

Wearing clothes that keep you cool and comfortable is the key. Dresses can be a cool alternative to shorts during the spring and summer months and are comfortable to travel in.

Here are three styles that are sure winners:

1) Short Sleeve Tee Dress: Casual, lightweight, and stylish. This dress is perfect for running errands, casual lunches with friends, and can even be used as a swimsuit cover-up headed to and from the pool. This versatile dress packs in more uses than any of the others on our list. Keep it as one of your summer must-haves and stock up in varying colors and patterns. You really can’t go wrong with this summer staple.

2) Midi Dress: This dress is perfect for all the brunches, luncheons, and business dinners you might need to go to this spring/ summer. The length is perfection when you’re trying to make your understated presence known and the cut of the dress can range from flirty to professional. Choose a lightweight fabric and this dress is perfect for the warmer weather.

3) Slip Dress: Lightweight, understated, but sexy enough for a night out, a slip dress will become your new go-to for any summer evening outings. The lightweight fabric will keep you cool and comfortable while the cut of the dress will tastefully reveal anything you want it to. Choose a neutral color/print to pair with any accessories or choose a bold color to stand out without any help from accessories. The options here are really endless!

These are our top three styles of dresses to wear during the summer months. Tell us – which ones are your favorites?


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