3 Things You Need For Your First Ever Fishing Trip

If you have never been fishing before but have always wanted to try it, now is the time. Although the world is opening back up after the worst stages of the brutal COVID-19 pandemic, many people are still gravitating towards peaceful, quiet activities in these trying times. 

Fishing has been a pastime for generations, not just for pleasure, but also for survival. Fishing techniques have been passed down through families – and although most people don’t need to fish to survive any more, these skills are treasured by people all over the world to this day.

If you are embarking on your first fishing trip, here are three things you need to remember!

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1. Pack protective clothing for all weather conditions

Have you ever left the house for the day, thinking the weather would stay the same – then, halfway through the day, the weather switches up on you? Welcome to the world of fishing! If the weather is beautiful and sunny in the morning it could all change by the afternoon, and vice versa. That’s why, for fishing, you need to bring clothes that can handle all weather conditions.

Some essentials you will need are:

  • A protective hat and sunscreen. Hats shield your face from the sun and help you avoid sunburn, which is especially important when you’re out on the water. You need to wear SPF to ensure your skin is safe from UV rays!
  • Waterproofs. Waterproof coats, shoes and trousers are essential for every fishing excursion. 
  • A warm jacket. Even on a sunny day, you can become too cold when you are sitting out on the water. 
  • A lifejacket. This one needs no explanation!

2. Bring all the right equipment you need

If you have never fished before and are unsure if it’s for you, it probably is not worth buying all the equipment. After all, if it turns out you aren’t a fishing fan, you will have wasted your money. Many places offer fishing equipment for hire. 

On the other hand, if you’re pretty confident, you will need to purchase some equipment – and trust us, there’s an overwhelming amount of fishing equipment out there. From the right bait, to the cheapest carp rods, to the sturdiest fishing line, you might be boggled by choice. Make sure to consult a friendly fishing buddy who can advise you on the right equipment for your budget, the type of fish you are looking to catch, and the size of your boat.

3. Invite a knowledgeable buddy to help you with the boat!

Most importantly, you need to bring along a person who knows what they’re doing. Going fishing by yourself without experience is not only boring, but it’s dangerous too. You need someone with you who has fished before, and can be there to show you the ropes.

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking of trying fishing as a new hobby, use this guide to make sure you have everything you need. Don’t skip on the essentials, or you could find yourself in deep water. 

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