12 Tips to Stop Travelling Like a Tourist

Let’s face it, being a tourist can sometimes stick out like a sore thumb in flip-flops at a black-tie event. Want to blend in and travel like a local? Here’s how to ditch the touristy vibe and start soaking up the culture like you belong!

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  1. Say Goodbye to the Fanny Pack

First rule of not looking like a tourist? Ditch the fanny pack. Yes, it’s practical, but so is wearing a giant “tourist” sign. Opt for a less conspicuous bag to blend in better.

  1. Learn the Local Lingo

Throw a few local words and phrases into your conversation. Even just a “thank you” or “please” in the local language can earn you appreciative smiles and nods.

  1. Eat Where the Locals Eat

Skip the places with the English menus displayed outside. Find where the locals are queuing up. It’s the culinary equivalent of finding gold.

  1. Take Public Transport

Nothing screams ‘local’ like hopping on a bus or tram. It’s cheaper, often faster, and you get to see the city beyond the tourist traps.

  1. Go on a Cruise

Yes, a cruise, like these fab  Uniworld river cruises, can actually help you travel less like a tourist! Dock in smaller, less frequented ports, and explore areas that aren’t overwhelmed by tourists. Plus, you get to unpack once and see multiple spots.

  1. Follow the Local Rhythm

If siesta is a thing, do it. Shops closed on Sunday? Take it as a sign to chill in the park. Living like the locals means respecting their rhythms and traditions.

  1. Use Your Feet, Not Just Uber

Walking is the ultimate way to discover hidden gems. You’ll stumble upon quaint cafes, interesting shops, and unique street art, all missed by those in a rush.

  1. Shop at Local Markets

Swap the souvenir shops for local markets. You’ll find fresh produce, crafts, and possibly a new favourite snack. Plus, bargaining can be a sport in itself.

  1. Stay in Apartments, Not Hotels

Renting an apartment can give you a slice of local life, plus it’s often cheaper and more comfortable than a hotel room stuffed with leaflets for tourist excursions.

  1. Be an Early Bird or a Night Owl

Avoid the crowds by visiting popular spots super early or late. The Colosseum at dawn? It’s a completely different vibe without the crowds.

  1. Learn Local Etiquette

Every place has its quirks. In Japan, don’t tip. In Morocco, always use your right hand to eat. Knowing these little rules can keep you from sticking out.

  1. Keep the Camera in Your Pocket Sometimes

Not every moment needs to be captured. Sometimes, experiencing the place through your eyes rather than your camera lens can make you less of a tourist and more of an explorer.

So, chuck the checklist and start wandering with a sense of curiosity. Travel like this, and you’ll transform from a tourist into a true traveller. Who knows, you might even get mistaken for a local! And isn’t that the ultimate travel goal?

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