Ziggy Aeroplane

Two young designers, Amy Dolan and Fiona Purves, are bringing their products together and hosting a Pop-up Shop in Edinburgh, to celebrate their businesses’ first birthdays.

Amy rescues old, forgotten pieces of vintage furniture and gives them a new lease of life through lots of TLC and fun blocks of colour. Fiona is the owner of stationery business Paper Aeroplane. Inspired by life’s little quirks, she uses her colourful and playful hand-drawn illustrations and lettering to create cards and prints that are to be treasured forever.

The pair came together after Fiona saw our short documentary film about Amy and Ziggy Sawdust, which is great to hear!

This is the first time that the full Ziggy Sawdust and Paper Aeroplane ranges will be shown in their entirety and the main aim the project is to reflect on the exciting year both businesses have had, and also act as a way to start their second year of trading on a positive note.

“The first year in business is notoriously the hardest, but the fact that we are still here and still extremely passionate about what we do is something we feel to be worth celebrating”, says Amy. “We don’t want our Pop-up Shop to just be our products in a space. We want to create an engaging environment that people can walk into and really get a sense of what our businesses are all about. We want to take this opportunity to show you what it is we are capable of.”

Whitespace Gallery, Edinburgh

25 – 29 May

To find out more click here

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