Top 5 Interior Trend Styles of 2020

Our homes have so much potential for us to show off our personality. Whether you’re focused on the aesthetic, the practical, or perhaps a mixture of the two you’re bound to find a trend that will look right at home in your house. You can find out about the most popular interior designs, and how to implement them.

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This is one of the most fun styles you could try, as it really gives you a chance to get creative. Colours are your best friend with this style, and the bolder you go, the better. You can use it any element of the room: from your chair choice to wallpaper. Abstract makes for a stylish statement in any room. Don’t be afraid to experiment with it.

Structured Simplicity

Sitting on the other end of the design spectrum is structured simplicity. It evolved from the Nordic Retreat trend of 2019. It has the stripped-back style of minimalism while maintaining a cosy feel. Focus on warm neutrals and sustainable materials to bring this look to your home. 


For those of you who want to mix nostalgia with now, the Grandmillenail interior trend is for you. You can opt for the vintage glamour of the past and pair it with the favoured simplicity of 2020. You’ll want to find matching patterns for your furnshings, but be careful not to overdo it – you want to find a balance between the eras.

Soft Tropics

Do you remember when pineapples were everywhere? This exotic style was everywhere on the High Street. Tropical is still trendy and make a striking statement. However, 2020 has seen it take a step back and walk in the direction of something slightly more subtle. Also expect to see florals making more of a comeback during the rest of this year.


Scandi meets Japanese interior design for this 2020 trend. The fusion creates a calm and compelling space. You’ll want to aim for a mainly neutral palette with a couple of bold colour pops. Pick elegant furniture pieces, but keep them to a minimum so they make the most impact in the room. You want to create a tranquil, yet tasteful, place for you to relax in. 

No matter what interior style you select for your home, it’s going to give a new lease of life to your space and well worth the effort you put into creating it. Which is your favourite 2020 interior design trend?


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