Bookshelf: Sunday Mornings at the River

A couple of weeks ago we received a copy of the second issue of Sunday Mornings at the River. This publication, curated and founded by Sanne Poppeliers and Rebecca Rijsdijk, is filled with the work of photographers ” who take their cameras with them on the road and into the mountains”. As inspiring as the first issue, the second installment … Read More

Bookshelf: Intern Magazine

Intern Magazine has finally launched and we’ve just received the first issue. The magazine aims to showcase work and talent of those interning in creative industries, and initiate a debate about the intern culture around the world. The magazine received a lot of positive press since its editor-in-chief, Alec Dudson, launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the project, and already … Read More

So It Goes Magazine

So It Goes is a biannual arts and culture magazine that has been conceived to be a a meeting place for a global network of photographers, journalists and other creatives. It is also creative agency that extends the magazine’s network and commitment to unique storytelling into branded film content, documentaries, featurettes and short films.  The debut issue was launched just a few weeks … Read More

Bookshelf: Printed Pages Summer 2013

It’s only been a couple of month since the first issue of Printed Pages was published and now the Summer issue has just arrived.  There are some great features in the this issue of Printed Pages! Matt Willey, Brian McMullen and Mirko Borsche talk about their print inspirations. There is also an interview with Geoff McFetridge and London based photographer Nadav Kander, known for … Read More

Fibra Casa Editora

Fibra Casa Editora is an independent publishing project founded by Buenos Aires-based Flavio Ariel Affonso three years ago. We discovered Flavio’s work with Fibra last year and a few weeks ago we exchanged some emails with him to know a little more about this interesting project. “Fibra is a recent project, an independent publishing house with focus on hunting and collecting fiction moments on everyday … Read More