Boss Orange Watches: The Look & Giveaway

As you might have seen in our previous posts, we partnered up with BOSS Orange Watches to introduce you to some of the new pieces from their latest collection. We already tested a watch from the New York line and now it’s time to present you with a look inspired by the laid back lifestyle and individuality of the brand. … Read More

Boss Orange Watches x Future Positive – Watch Test

We recently partnered up with Boss Orange and are very excited to present you one of the watches from their latest collection. Our selected watch is from Boss Orange Watches‘ New York line and its oversized case and unique looking dial make it one of our favourites. To test the watch, we decided to wear it on a normal day … Read More

Boss Orange Watches x Future Positive

Future Positive was born out of love for people leading creative, innovative projects and business. In the last couple of years, we’ve spoken with many young entrepreneurs and listened to their fascinating stories. It’s always interesting for us to hear about the motives for starting their projects.- often we hear that they couldn’t adapt to the corporate working environment or … Read More