The Monocle Guide to Good Business

We are big fans of Monocle Magazine and their Monocle Radio shows. Founded in 2007 by Tyler Brûlé, also the founder of Wallpaper magazine, Monocle provides opinions on business, culture, fashion, design and international affairs. A year ago, together with German publisher Gestalten, Monocle published its first book – The Monocle Guide to Better Living. The Monocle Guide to Good … Read More

Alice Rainis: XXI Century

Photographer Alice Rainis recently introduced us to one of her ongoing project. XXI Century is a collection of portraits of creative and interesting people who, in one way or another, have been part of Alice’s life. Alice says: “I realised that I am surrounded and constantly meet many talented human beings so I decided to start taking portraits of all … Read More

Turner & Harper

We’ve recently discovered the work of homeware makers Turner & Harper. The company is based in North Yorkshire where they hand craft most of their timber product lines and they also work with several artisans from across England to develop their specialist finishes.  There is a lot of care and skill that goes into making each of the products that … Read More

Video: When the leather maker met the framer

This short film from Milk Bar Magazine, an independent cultural guide to Melbourne, documents a meeting between Sam Huff, the Co-founder and Creative Director of Tanner Goods, and local frame maker Ryan Ward from United Measures. They both work together to come up with a very special artwork combining their interests and knowledge. Ryan’s studio is based at the collaborative space The Compound Interest, which … Read More

Alec Dudson: Intern Magazine

Intern magazine is a forthcoming, bi-monthly independent print publication concerned with interns and internships in the creative industries. We speak to Alec Dudson, its founder, to find our more about the intern culture and the magazine itself. For new creatives, it is now harder than ever to find employment? Is art school and design education enough to succeed in the creative … Read More