Gothenburg Instants

Before we publish our new City Guide to Gothenburg very soon, here’s a selection of snaps we shared on our Instagram profile during our stay in Sweden last week with Gothenburg Tourism Board. From clothing stores to galleries, have a look at this preview of some of our favourite places in Gothenburg. A detail of the impressive building of Feskekôrka … Read More

Leipzig City Guide

LEIPZIG CITY GUIDE Known for its rich musical heritage (Johann Sebastian Bach and Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy are inextricably linked to the city), Leipzig has also become popular over the past few years for its vibrant creative scene. Although the media has recently called it 'the new Berlin', this East German city is actually quite different from the country's capital. Art ... Read More

Leipzig Instants

Last week we travelled to Leipzig to work on a new City Guide. Leipzig Region invited us to stay in this Eastern Germany city for three days and we had an amazing time discovering its many creativity hubs and great cultural offer. Here’s a selection of images we shared on our Instagram profile during our trip – just a little … Read More

Berlin City Guide

BERLIN CITY GUIDE Over the past few years Berlin has become one of our favourite destinations for a short break away. The city is constantly evolving and there are always new things to discover every time we're back. From the impressive shopping experience in Mitte to the food scene of Kreuzberg, there's something for everyone in Berlin. Because of Berlin's ... Read More

A short stay in Manchester and Liverpool

We recently travelled to England’s North West and spent 3 days exploring places to eat, shop and visit in Manchester and Liverpool. Following the format of our City Guides, here’s a mini guide featuring some of our favourite spots in both cities. Manchester We stayed in Manchester’s city centre and found it quite easy to get around the city on … Read More