Made By Hand by Tatanja Ross

Made By Hand is a mini documentary by Tatanja Ross, which discusses the revival of handmade approaches in the art world. The director showcases a glimpse of this movement through work of emerging artists based in Melbourne, Australia. The portrayed illustrators, paper crafts, screen printing and textile artists discuss how the handmade movement inspires and benefits their work. As Tatanja … Read More

Antwerp City Guide

ANTWERP CITY GUIDE Belgium's second largest city may not attract as many visitors as the country's capital, but it hides some well-kept secrets that make it a much more interesting destination for a short break. Way before the group of fashion designers known as the Antwerp Six turned the city into a style hub in the 80's, Antwerp was known ... Read More

Evie Cahir

We recently discovered the work of Evie Cahir, a Melbourne-based illustrator who has worked for clients the likes of Vice and Neon Magazine and is inspired by drawing on public transport. Evie says that there isn’t a technique as such in her work. She simply layers coloured pencils, applies weak watercolour washes and peels off strips of masking tape until … Read More

Christopher Tuyay: The Cool Kids Series

Christopher Tuyay is a creative designer based in New York City, passionate about fresh, stylish, and smart design. His professional background has been in graphic design for fashion and lifestyle brands such as Toms Shoes, Cisco Home or SCOTTxSCOTT. On the side, he develops his style with projects involving illustration, typography, plant photography, amateur furniture design, and he even shares … Read More

Bookshelf: Métier, Small Businesses in London

Métier, Small Businesses in London, is a book by Laura Braun about small-scale independent and specialist businesses in the capital and the people who run them. In a time when the high streets of London are taking on a more and more corporate character, this book offers an unusual and interesting perspective on the city and an insight into the working … Read More