How to Stylize a Festival Bodysuit

Going to a Rave event? Then, how about wearing a bodysuit? This is the ideal outfit for women ravers, as it is standout clothing that is also expressive.

However, before you stylize the outfit, you need to pick it out. While the selection of a bodysuit is not rocket science, you still have to make a checklist so you look your best. When you buy festival bodysuit clothes, you need to select the right size. That means your bodysuit should not be too tight nor too loose. It should be like a second skin.

Choose the Design

Next, you’ll need to think of the design. What is your preference? You can choose a bodysuit that has short sleeves, long sleeves, or one that features additional cuts.

Select the Pattern

Finally, look at the bodysuit’s pattern? What would you like? Cyberpunk, mystical, monochrome, psychedelic, or futuristic?

Keep Things Simple

While you can pair a bodysuit with a skirt or shorts, you can also wear a bodysuit with a print as your rave outfit. No leggings, no pants, or jeans. All you need is perhaps an overcoa, if you think you might get chilly.

Some women ravers ask about wearing a bodysuit with tights. Usually, it’s best to wear a bodysuit sans the tights. Adding tights may slightly downgrade the overall look. Even nude tights may produce hues that cause a noticeable difference between the tights and exposed sections of exposed skin.

Recommended Substitutions

If you wish to cover your hips, you might choose a catsuit or sleeveless jumpsuit instead.

Choosing the Right Footwear

A bodysuit, designed for a rave even, will draw more attention to your hips and legs. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right footwear to personalize and craft your look.

For example, if you want a more carefree and sporty bodysuit, try wearing sneakers or flat sports shoes with your bodysuit.

Maybe you wish to create a cheekier appearance. If so, try wearing platform shoes or high heels in knee-length boots, ankle strap footwear, stilettos, or pumps.

Do you want to go for a classic savage appearance? If so, try pairing your bodysuit with punk, combat, or moto boots.

As you can see, simply by changing your footwear, you can create a new bodysuit style.

Getting the Accessories Right

To complete the look of your bodysuit, you’ll need to accessorize. For instance, a neck gaiter or elastic bandana will add to your look as will statement jewelry. Just make sure the pieces you wear do not get in your way when you’re dancing the night away.

If you’re planning to visit a daytime rave party, don’t forget your sunglasses. You might even sport a wig with your raver bodysuit. You can either wear a long-haired pink wig or dye your own hair pink.

If you go to a rave event at night, don’t forget the glow sticks. Consider wearing a backpack, LED leg wraps, or using dancing hula hoops as well.


Bodysuits are great raver outfits. Define your style now!


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