Styles for Him That Always Sync With Your Look

Finding styles that work harmoniously between you and your man and make you both look your best can be like uncovering hidden treasure. Twinning doesn’t have to mean matching. Complementing each other’s styles so they stand out while still appearing together is key. Whether walking the city streets or making an entrance at an event, these timeless looks ensure both of you look chic together, no matter the event.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

The Classic Jean and White Tee Combo

Nothing says classy like pairing well-fitted jeans with an eye-catching white T-shirt. For men, opt for slim or straight fit denim combined with V-neck or crew neck white T-shirts. This timeless combination provides the foundation for all kinds of looks, from casual to upscale attire. To elevate it further, add leather belts or statement watches as accessories to complete this timeless ensemble.

Monochrome Is Powerful

Dressing all in one colour or variations thereof doesn’t have to be monotonous. Dressing in all one shade or multiple shades of the same hue can create a striking, eye-catching effect. Think charcoal or navy suits for men, or even a more casual all-black ensemble may work. They easily complement your outfit, whether it be a little black dress or chic all-white pantsuit. This creates an eye-catching ensemble that exudes sophistication while remaining trendy and unique.

Tailored to Perfection: The Suit

Men who know their way around fashion know that the value of an immaculately tailored suit is likened to having their own little black dress: indispensable. From classic black tuxedos to more daring colours like midnight blue or deep maroon suits, tailored suits always complement elegance when worn next to cocktail dresses and evening gowns, exuding timeless grace and class together.

Bohemian Style: A Free-Spirited Aesthetic

For an effortless boho aesthetic, pair up and coordinate by wearing clothing made of flowing fabrics, vibrant prints and earthy tones. Ladies may opt for maxi dresses or skirts, while men can sport linen shirts and casual pants in desert-inspired tones. Kimono jackets from Born in Stockholm, along with accessories like fedoras, fringe purses, and layered jewellery, will complete the look – ideal for music festivals! 

The Layer Masters: Casual Outerwear

Layering is more than a fashion statement, it’s an art. For men, layering can be transformed into an artful practice by carefully matching structured blazers, sleek leather jackets or cosy cardigans with any outfit to instantly elevate it. No matter if your partner wears jeans and tees or more sophisticated attire, coordinating outer layers creates a sleek and timeless ensemble that’s effortlessly chic.

Accessorise Wisely

It is the details that make an outfit complete, and accessories often play a pivotal role. For him, this could mean choosing fashionable hats, sunglasses, or leather goods like wallets and belts that match the sophistication of his ensemble. When chosen wisely, these elements not only elevate their style but ensure both of your looks remain in perfect harmony!


Pairing looks that complement each other can be an elegant way to achieve unity without compromising individual expression. From jeans and white t-shirt combinations to bold tailored suits, timeless styles ensure that both of you look and feel like the ideal pair. Fashion fades, but style remains, therefore the best outfits should always be worn confidently together!

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