Staying connected through care packages

Staying connected with our friends and family has become even more important now during this difficult time. But how do we stay connected when we’re forced to live apart from one another during this enforced lockdown? 

COVID-19 has changed social norms completely in just a few short months. Shaking hands used to be seen as common courtesy and it’s now an almost taboo interaction and the concept of remaining 2 metres apart from one another at all times (social distancing) has become almost second-nature to many of us already.

Whilst we might be quite literally apart for the foreseeable future, there are ways we can reach out and keep those friendship and familial connections strong. Many people have taken to sending care packages and we think that’s a remarkable idea. But what to include in your care package?

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A heartfelt message – Whether it’s through a simple note or a personalised card, the first thing you should consider when putting together your care package is what you actually want it to say. The best care packages are those that begin with a message and then build the items around that message, so try to put a little more thought into it than just “thinking of you.”

Something personal – Everybody loves a fancy gift but is there anything you could send that only you could send? Perhaps a memento of a wonderful memory you share or a funny little trinket that points to an in-joke that only the two of you would understand? It’s these kinds of personal flourishes that really elevate a care package from good to great.

Yum yum – Yes, we’re all eating and drinking a lot more during the lockdown, but just because we’re indulging a little more than usual, we shouldn’t have to settle for junk. There are thousands of online outlets offering everything from craft beer and coffee to homemade cakes. And by adding some of this artisanal wonder to your COVID care package, you’ll be helping local business too, so that’s always a plus.

Hobby fuel – Most of us have more time on our hands right now than we know what to do with and for those of us with hobbies, that means we’ve been spending a lot more time on them. If your recipient has a hobby, consider adding something to the care package that could help fuel that hobby. Whether they are into knitting, painting plastic models or brewing their own beer, there is always some small thing to consider.

Keeping it light – We all need to allow ourselves to laugh a little right now. Because what’s the alternative? Consider the sense of humour of your care package recipient and add something that you know they would find funny. Maybe something a little risqué or perhaps something oddly specific that only they would find amusing? And what coronavirus care package would be complete without a roll of toilet paper?

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