How To Preserve Your Chevy Corvette

Keep turning heads with your Chevy Corvette’s stunning paint job. Your stunning sports car deserves the very best in terms of care and protection, so find out how to preserve your vehicle today. Learn how to care for your car cover, how to choose an indoor car cover and where to go for affordable protective gear today.

Wash, Wax and Dust

Washing and waxing your vehicle is the foundation of car care. Dust, debris and other contaminants can quickly scratch and fade your paint. UV rays can also fade your paint. Wash your Corvette with premier car shampoo, microfiber towels and reliable car wax.

These steps can be time consuming. That’s why it’s helpful to pick up a professional car duster. Dusters gently brush away dust and dirt in between washes. This offers a level of protection that isn’t as strenuous as a full wash and wax service. Dusting isn’t a substitute for a good wash and wax, but it can preserve your look in between waxing.

Indoor Protection

When your sports car is parked for the day, protect it with a cover. Chevy Corvette car covers are ideal at preserving your car while you’re not cruising around town. Choose an indoor cover that matches the quality and style of your Corvette. Look for a cover that has a 100% cotton interior that fits snug against your car.

Pure cotton is soft and absorbent. It doesn’t scratch your car’s exterior paint when it’s pressed against it. A secure fit prevents it from flapping around. Even a high-quality car cover can scratch your Corvette if it isn’t properly secured. Look for other great features for indoor car covers like easy folding options and breathable materials. Convenient folding options help keep your garage neatly organized.

An indoor cover may be more affordable and easier to store, but it isn’t a substitute for an outdoor cover. These covers are only designed for very mild moisture conditions, so they aren’t recommended for outdoor use. Don’t try to pick up a single cover for all situations but use the right cover for the right storage situation.

Outdoor Solutions

Your Corvette should have a dedicated garage stall. However, when you’re away from home or your garage is full of another vehicle or project, you need an outdoor solution. Search for an outdoor cover that is water resistant but still allows your sports car to breathe. This will prevent moisture buildup inside your cover.

Outdoor covers should have at least two layers: an inner layer of cotton for scratch-free storage and an outer layer of durable material to protect against scratches and direct rainfall. Just like an indoor cover, your outdoor protection needs to fit securely against your car.

Preserve Your Chevy Corvette Today

After investing in a stunning Corvette, be sure you invest in a suitable car cover. Preserve your ride today with a custom outdoor car cover or indoor cover today. Explore the benefits of a high-quality, custom-fit cover today and protect your investment with an affordable cover. Don’t park your Corvette naked, but keep it covered whether it’s indoors or outside.

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