How To Know if You’re a Briefs or Boxers Kind of Person

When searching for new underwear, we all know the struggle of getting a style or fit that just isn’t quite for you. But have you ever wondered if you were buying the wrong style the whole time? A lot of underwear is often made to be tight fitting and uncomfortable for some. While brief style underwear is very popular, boxers or boxer briefs might be a better choice for comfort and longevity over all. It’s hard to know whether you’re a boxers or briefs style of person without trying them on, but there are definitely a few things you could consider before doing so. That’s why we put together this short guide to help you learn a few of the common pros and cons of both underwear styles and help you make the best decision for you and your body moving forward. Keep reading to learn more! 

Boxers Vs. Briefs 

First and foremost, let’s talk about the differences between the two styles. Briefs are generally cut at the groin area, and have little but plenty of coverage. Boxers are looser, and cover more area down to the mid thigh than briefs which can be a great thing for some. Boxer briefs are a combination of the two and have a tiger fit than boxers, but more coverage down the thigh than briefs. Next, let’s talk about some of the benefits of boxers.

Pros of Boxers

Boxers are extremely comfortable, there’s a reason so many people wear them on a daily basis! Boxers allow your body to breathe and prevent sweat and bacteria from building up in your underwear’s fabric. Plus, they’re super comfortable to double as sleep shorts when it’s time for bed. Boxers are great for those that want a little more comfort and aren’t a fan of things like booty shorts, thongs or briefs. For those that are interested in briefs, let’s talk about some of the benefits of wearing briefs!

Pros of Briefs 

Briefs are a tighter fitting underwear, which can be great for those that like wearing tight fitting clothes or simply just want more support in the areas that it counts. Briefs keep everything safe, and are lightweight which makes them a great option for wearing with a dress or shorts to keep yourself cool and comfortable this summer. Briefs come in a variety of styles so they’re a little more fun to play around with than other underwear types! If you like tighter fitting clothes and underwear, briefs are likely the way to go. However, not everyone wants such little coverage, so you might want to consider going for boxer briefs instead. Boxer briefs combine the two styles to give you a tight fit, but coverage down the thigh.

Cons of Boxers

Because of their loose fit, standard boxers are tough to wear with jeans or any garment that hugs your body. Boxers can get bunched up and show even more underwear lines than panties or briefs do. If you like looser fitting clothing in general, boxers are a great option! But if you’re wanting to wear tight fitting jeans, shorts or anything that hugs your body, you might be left feeling like your pants are stuff with fabric. Another con of boxers is that they don’t always provide the most secure coverage of your private parts, while they do cover a larger surface area. There’s nothing to suggest that this isn’t safe, but it might leave some people feeling a little exposed.

Cons of Briefs

Briefs are said to offer more support, but the downside of that is that sometimes briefs just aren’t big enough to comfortably secure everything down there. It really depends on the individual’s body, but some may find that briefs create an uncomfortable, almost crushing sensation. This can make it hard to exercise or move around. Additionally, they hold everything in one place so some find that they don’t feel as clean and comfortable as long when wearing briefs.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to your style, preferences and body. Everyone’s body is different, and there’s no garment more personal to our bodies than the underwear we wear. Or, if it’s your style, don’t wear. Boxers are great for someone who likes a more loose, comfortable feeling and prefers to not be restricted by tight fitting clothing. Briefs are great for those who want more secure feeling coverage while still feeling comfortable and free to wear whatever they like on top. The right underwear is all about knowing who you are and how you want your body to feel on a daily basis. Take some time to consider what style works best for you and good luck on your journey finding the most comfortable underwear for your body!

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