Is the Investment Worth It? Exploring the Real Estate License Texas Cost

If you’re looking to build a career in Texas that will offer you almost limitless earning potential, freedom to work as per your own schedule, and to choose the line to pursue, then you should consider a career in real estate. However, before you can start practicing as a real estate agent, you will need to get your Texas real estate license.

Therefore, it is crucial that you know the Texas real estate license cost to make sure that prepare yourself and budget accordingly. You need to do this before you start your licensure journey. In this article, we will try to help you find the answer to the question, “How much is a real estate license in Texas?” to help you make an informed decision.

Pre-licensing course cost

The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) requires all aspiring real estate agents in the state to take a 180-hour pre-licensing course offered by a pre-approved provider. As you go about choosing a pre-licensing course, you’ll need to address the question “How much is real estate school in Texas?”

The cost of the course will differ depending on several factors—including the real estate school you choose, the mode of course delivery (online or class-based), and other things. You can expect to part with somewhere between $400 and $1,000 for your real estate education.

It would help if you took advantage of the discounts and bundled deals that some providers offer to cut your education cost. You can also consider taking online classes to save expenses, and you can find out more here about one of the best online real estate schools.

Exam fees

Another component of the realtor license cost in Texas is the exam fee. All aspiring real estate agents in the state must take and get at least a pass mark (70%) in the licensing exam in each of the two sections. The exam comprises the state and the national portions and you must take the exam in person. Pearson Vue is the body charged with administering the exam.  At the moment, TREC charges $43 for every attempt.

Besides the exam fee, you may incur costs in the range of $50 to $300 for exam preparation. Consider buying revision and exam preparation materials, and this will also form part of the real estate license Texas cost. Some providers offer good materials as part of their pre-licensing education package so you can take advantage of those resources to cut your costs.

License application fees

After you’ve completed your real estate education, you’re good to submit your real estate license application to TREC. So, as you try to compute the real estate license cost in Texas, you must consider the cost of the real estate salesperson license application itself, which is $185. In addition, you need to pay $38.25 for fingerprinting as you undergo a background check, which is a mandatory part of the application process.

Other addition costs

You can incur extra costs as you work towards getting your real estate license in Texas. These costs may include membership fees for real estate associations to help you build networks in the industry and other expenses in your preparation for the licensure exam. All these make up the realtor’s license cost in Texas.


The investment in obtaining your real estate license in Texas is worthwhile because it allows you to practice as a legally recognized professional. Also, your clients and peers in the industry will treat you with the proper regard and you will be able to close deals and build a successful career. You need to plan well, allocate enough resources to the process, and choose the best real estate school. Finally, make sure that you put in enough effort so you pass on your first attempt.

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