Finding Good Staff For Your Startup

Finding good staff is not easy, especially for start-ups. Because especially in times of a shortage of skilled workers, they fight against established large corporations in recruiting. In addition to their long-standing, good reputation and above-average salaries, they can offer something else. A high degree of security that the salary will be paid at the end of the month. Even if resources may be limited at first, start-ups should rely on a high level of professionalism in recruiting from the start. After all, the success of your own business model also stands or falls with good employees. And even if start-ups are usually unable to pay the comparatively high salaries of corporations, they often have completely different arguments to convince job applicants of themselves. 

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Quite a few employees are now attracted to an exciting task in a young company. They want a dynamic environment with many like-minded people, the opportunity to implement their own ideas and exciting development opportunities. Perhaps even the prospect of company shares in the rigid corporate structures with a range of tasks that are clearly defined for years in front. Here you can find out what start-ups should definitely consider when looking for employees. This is in order to win over potential employees, which channels can be used in the search and why.

Plan sufficient resources 

Good employees do not fall from the sky, but have to be searched for, which is very time-consuming in most cases. They may come from all over the world. There is such a thing as a global talent visa. Plenty of skilled workers are found abroad. Don’t limit yourself. 

Sufficient time and a corresponding financial budget should be planned for the search for personnel right from the start. Because whichever type of tender you choose – most of them are simply expensive. The complex task of finding employees should best be spread across several people. A team member could look through the applications, and send confirmations of receipt. They must document the most important applicant key data. However, the boss should definitely be involved in the selection of candidates and the conduct of the interviews. In small start-up teams, it is particularly important that the personal chemistry is right and that the new employee is a good fit for the company. In addition, the new employee should ideally be entrusted with responsible tasks right from the start. 

Develop a clear requirement profile 

Even if everyone seems to do everything at the beginning, things can go awry. Sometimes, clearly defined processes are often missing. Therefore, a clear requirement profile should be created.  In the first few months of business activity, this is often only possible by the founders themselves. This is why the first employees have special priority and the search for employees should be a top priority in this phase. Because the first employees often have to have a particularly high level of commitment, flexibility and a hands-on mentality. They also have professional qualifications. You can find the best workers by being honest and open about what you want.

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