Discovering Sicily

There are few better destinations for a summer vacation than Sicily. This beautiful Italian island off the “toe” of Italy’s “boot” in the Mediterranean has everything that you want from a summer holiday destination, including a lovely climate, beautiful landscapes, idyllic beaches and charming towns like Palermo with many cultural treasures to discover. For foodies, this is one of the best places in the entire world taking a foundation of Italian cuisine with influences including Greek, French, Spanish and Arab. 

So, where are the places that you should visit in Sicily?


Palermo is the capital city and cultural hub of the island. Here you will find stunning architecture, including a 12th-century cathedral and an enormous neoclassical opera house. This is a city that is ideal for a leisurely stroll as you can take in the sights, stop off at the cafes, bars and restaurants and people-watch at the local markets. You can book Italy tours that will show you Palermo and all of the highlights that Sicily has to offer and this can be a great way to explore. 


Catania is another major city and one that has its own airport. Known as the Black City, due to its blacked buildings from years of eruptions from the volcano. Catania features stunning Sicilian baroque architecture and has a lively town square, markets and more to discover.

Scala di Turchi

Scala di Turchi is a breathtaking sight to behold on the coast with white rocks created as a result of plankton shells dating back 1,000s of years. This can be a great place to watch the sun go down and can be a peaceful escape from city life.

Mount Etna

Catania is found at the foot of Mount Etna, so it is a good idea to visit this iconic mountain during your trip to the city. Mount Etna is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the highest mountain in all of Sicily allowing for mesmerizing views from the top – you can either book a tour that will drive you to the summit or take on the challenge yourself (be sure to hire a guide).

Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian Islands are another UNESCO World Heritage site just 30km from Sicily and well worth the trip. You can arrange a tour to take you to the different islands so that you can visit them all and explore the tiny towns and volcanic beaches. 

Sicily is one of the most beautiful places on the planet and the perfect place for a summer holiday. The above are a few of the main highlights to discover here, but there are many more secrets to uncover. A tour is a great way to discover Sicily and it is a destination that people immediately fall in love with and often find themselves returning to.

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