Dating 101: 7 Tips for a Fun Date

We bet that you are looking forward to a romantic date with the person you like. Of course, along with your anticipation also comes the annoying nerves. These nerves can ruin everything when left unchecked. We do not want that, do we? It is why for your romantic night out, we will give you support by offering tips for keeping your cool and impressing your date. Especially this summer when there are lots of activities that you and your date can enjoy, we can give a few reminders on how to let this ship sail! If you are ready for a sweet summer, here are a few tips for an unforgettable date!

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1. Dress to express

We would be too naïve if we say that looks do not matter. Of course, it will matter on the first date. However, we agree that you do not need to be conventionally attractive on your date. The key here is to dress the way you want and be confident! Dress comfortably according to the occasion. Your date will sense how uneasy you are if you keep on tugging and squirming on the attire you tried hard to put together. You can even wear simple clothes with proper accessories and mixing and matching. If you have a wristwatch, great ones like Seiko or IWC Ingenieur, you can put your faith in them for your outfit to go well. Just remember to dress stylishly yet comfortably, so you can be yourself.

2. Keep calm

Since we mentioned a thing or two about being comfortable, the next point is specifically about it. When going out on a date, it is important to stay calm and just be yourself. We know that this is easier said than done. However, staying calm is key for you to connect with your date and convey what you want to express. It will keep you from talking less or even talking more.

3. Choose the perfect dating spot

When choosing the location for your date, the first thing that comes into your mind is impressing your date by bringing them to a fine, romantic restaurant where all of you should dress nicely, especially for a first date. Romantic as it may sound, you and your date might feel a bit stiff. In case you still do not know your common interests, choose a place where you can let loose and where both of you can be casual. You can try out the newest coffee shop in town or go and have drinks at a local bar. A dating spot that is just casual and free will allow the both of you to be more comfortable and therefore spark engaging conversations.

4. Prepare an activity

Aside from choosing a casual place for your first date, you can also go to a place where both of you can be engaged in a fun activity that you can enjoy. If you are the type who is not that chatty, this is your best bet to veer you and your date away from awkward silence and conversations. Go out for a particular activity like hiking, mountain climbing, ice skating, and more! This way, you do not need to sit down and talk. You can still enjoy it even when you are not talking and still have conversations here and there if you want. It can also be a great way to break the ice. It can also be a way for you to have something to talk about.

5. Know them well

When you are having conversations with your date, you can now ditch those cheesy pick-up lines, lousy jokes, and such. Most people do not dig those kinds of stuff, especially at first. When sparking a conversation, talk about things and topics that they enjoy. You do not even need to think that hard. You can even talk about current affairs or things that you know they are curious about. We know it might be hard at first to know which topic they are interested in. The key is to be sensitive and look out for breadcrumbs—meaning, things that they say that may serve as clues as to what they love.

6. Meet up in person as often as you can

Given the advancement of technology today, we cannot deny how dating seems easier. You can log into dating applications and interact with people you are attracted to or those you have “matched” with. However, even if you have met online or even if it is the easiest way to interact with someone you like, it is still best to go out of your way and try to meet the person you like as often as you can. Research says that people get attracted to one another according to geography. Meaning, they are attracted to people who are close with them or who are within their proximity more often.

By going out on dates or even just having quick lunches together in between work, you can build a rapport and can finally be more comfortable with each other.

7. Be sensitive about their personal space

If you want your date to be more comfortable with you, you need to stay away from them—yup, you heard that right. This only means that you do not need to be touchy with them yet. Save all your touchiness for next time, but for now, be sensitive about how close you are with them and if your gestures make them uneasy. For example, you do not need to wrap your arms around them when walking down the street. Courteous gestures will do, like offering your hand in case they need help. Respecting their personal space is also a gesture that you also respect them and their agency to take care of themselves.

Be honest about yourself

Here are just some of the things that can help you out on your date. The most important thing to remember is, to be honest about yourself and to be unafraid when expressing yourself. You will only enjoy your date if you immerse your real self, too, at the moment.

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