Contributor Profile: Silvia Conde

Meet Silvia Conde, a photographer and art director from Barcelona currently living and working in Berlin. Silvia has collaborated with us twice, documenting Spanish businesses About Arianne and Après Ski for our Projects section.

Read our interview with Silvia after the images.

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How did you get interested in photography and art direction?

A few years ago I studied Advertising in Barcelona. We had a great offer of subjects related to image, graphic design and video. Art Direction was a field I learned thoroughly during the four years of the degree. Photography was certainly basic. Still, it was significantly revealing for me, because it was my first contact with this art.

What made you move to Berlin? How does the city inspire your work?

A friend of mine was considering moving here for a while. I dreamed of London, but that option was overpriced. In her idea, instead, I perceived an opportunity to get to know another language and culture. I had never been here before, in fact I couldn’t speak a word of German. Despite that, it felt like the best choice. And when I look back, I don’t regret it at all.

For someone coming from Barcelona, Berlin can be different in every way. Not only because of its weather, but also the streets, the buildings, the people… This city has another mood. I’m sure it has inspired my work. Maybe not directly, but in a subtle way. A year ago I got accepted in a photography school and that has clearly been a huge input.

What other things do you draw inspiration from?

Mostly people, magazines and the internet.

Please tell us about some of your favourite projects you’ve worked on.

Personal projects are the ones that truly fulfil me. Soft Skin was the first of them and probably still my favourite one.

Are you working on any new project at the moment?

Many, specially since I recently began to freelance full-time. There are some inspiring shootings coming soon, both in Berlin and Barcelona. Let’s see… I’m also very excited about a new Tumblr I created called impressionsdujour.

What are your future plans?

Keep on learning every day and continue working hard.

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