In the City, Motorcycles are Best

Many motorcycle enthusiasts love to go on long tours in the country and enjoy the sights and sounds. There is nothing like it. The motorcycle is the best way to explore the open roads. But you never hear similar statements about touring the city. It is surprising that when it comes to travel advice, you rarely hear it suggested that you should rent a motorcycle or bring your own and see it all. Instead, you get advice to take this bus or shuttle or boat and visit a small area where everybody else already is. Once you get in the habit of motorcycle touring in urban areas, you will wonder how you ever put up with the alternatives.

  • Beats the Traffic: Many urban centres are cursed with gridlock. A good part of your tourist experience can be lost trying to see the sights with some tour group. Motorcycles make short work of city gridlock; splitting lanes and leaving first at the lights can cut a lot of travel time and get you to more locations in a day. They can get to places the tour groups don’t even go. You might even consider buying a bike as part of your travel plan. Wheels Motorcycles has a great selection of city cruisers and scooters that will suit any style of rider.
  • Parking: One of the biggest problems with trying to see a city is parking. But the best part of parking with a motorcycle is that there is almost always a spot open, and often for free.
  • Better than Public Transit: We are all supposed to be good citizens and use public transit when we can. But learning a city’s transit system while on holiday can turn out badly. Not only is it intimidating, but it can also get you very lost, and it is much better to be lost on a motorcycle than on a subway. With a good city guide you should be back on track in no time
  • Good Angle of View: Only Bicycles and horses offer the same angle of view available to motorcyclists. When you are on a bike, the tour never ends. You get to see everything, and you can stop wherever you like and check things out. You are free and not missing a thing.
  • No Schedule: One of the most annoying things about touring in a group is either waiting for others or rushing to the next place before you are ready to leave. If you show up on your motorcycle, you can come and go whenever you like.
  • Saves Money: If you add up all the money you spend on taxis and getting around the city to see the sites, you will see renting a motorcycle can save you a lot of money. Especially considering how much more you get to see and do. If you bring your own bike, the savings will multiply.

Motorcycles are underrated for the benefits they bring, and now that there are electric bikes available, there is no reason to consider alternatives, other than the weather. The independence, convenience, and savings they provide make motorcycles the champions of urban tours.

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