8 Ways to Travel Differently

We live in an age when it has never been easier to set sail and explore the world. However, it’s true that this ease of travel comes at a cost — we typically end up having the same kind of travel experience. It looks like this: we board a flight, check into our hotel, use a chauffeur service like Driven worldwide roadshows and spend a couple of days checking out the local attractions. While there’s nothing wrong with this, there are plenty of other ways to see the world. Below, we take a look at a few different options that will spice up your travelling adventures.

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Go Independent

There are plenty of companies who can help you have a fluid journey. They’ll take care of the flights, the hotels, and even the attractions, if you want them too. These are fantastic options if you’ve never been on your own trip out of the country, but once you have a little bit of experience, you’ll find that it’s much more enjoyable to do your own thing. For starters, it’s usually cheaper, and it’s more exciting. Plus, you’ll find that there’s more satisfaction to be had from organising your own travel adventure, rather than just turning up after someone else has done all the work for you.

Pick by Theme

It’s normal to simply pick a destination of which you’ve heard good things, and turn up and see what it has to offer. However, it’s not necessarily the best way. Instead, take a look at picking a theme, and using that as a base for your trip. For example, if you love, say, coffee or craft beer, then you could visit a European city with the sole intention of sampling what they have to offer. This offers a stable anchor from which the rest of your trip will grow. You generally can’t go wrong if you’re visiting a place that’s famous for food and drink products, or music.

Avoiding Tourist Traps

Now, we know that it’s somewhat popular to talk bad about tourist hotspots, but we don’t want to do that. However, we will suggest that you may want to look at other places on your travels. While these places are usually popular for a reason, in certain areas they’ve simply become too jam-packed, and they don’t offer a true representation of the area. Big chain companies have moved in all around the world’s most popular attractions, and driven local businesses away. For wherever you’re going, try to research the best neighbourhoods to explore rather than specific attractions. You’ll leave feeling that you’ve seen a real part of the city/area.

Getting Around

The usual path to pick a destination, and then get there via plane. But this isn’t the only option, and it’s certainly not always the best. Sure, if you’re flying long-distance, then it’ll be the most convenient, and can be enjoyable, but if you’re not going too far, then it’s worth exploring other options that you have. Flying isn’t always fun; it’s just a way of getting to the place you want to explore. But if you’re travelling via other means, you’ll find that the journey can add to your adventure. The getting there will be nearly as enjoyable as being there. Arguably the most fun way to move is to hitchhike, but that’s not always an option. Train is another exciting option, as is travelling by ferry. If you have your own set of wheels, look at driving. Driving is a great way to give you the freedom and flexibility to do your own thinga s and when you want. You can get off the beaten track in a 4×4 and explore sites that public transport may not take you. Or get yourself a nippy Ford Focus used car to zip around news towns and cities exploring quant and undiscovered parts of town at your own leisure. Whether you ship your own vehicle, rent a vehicle or car pool, even visiting places far away from your home is doable if everyone in the vehicle chips in for the costs.

Longer-Term Travel

We’re used to boarding a plane, briefly exploring a destination, and then returning home. We only ever get a glimpse into the place we’ve visited. Wouldn’t it be much better to have the option of really getting to know a place, over a longer period? When you rent or own a flat overseas, that’s just what you’ll be able to do. If you’re going to explore this option, then take a look at finding a place that’s located nearby like apartments from Stay Líbere to other destinations of interest.. Southeast Asia, for example, is terrific for this type of thing. If you have a Singapore hdb flat, you won’t just be able to effortlessly take a trip to Singapore; you’ll also be able to make the most of all the affordable flights to the surrounding countries, too. With more time there, you could even try your hand at a cooking course or music lessons at the LVL Music Academy, whatever takes your fancy! You’ll find that you see new, enjoyable sides to famous attractions when you spend so much time there. You’ll see it like a local, eventually.

Giving Back

Most people want to go on a travel adventure in order to have fun. But there’s more to life than simply living the good life. We should also give back. You can do your bit to make the world a better place and also get your fill of travel by looking at overseas volunteer opportunities. There are a couple of ways you can go with this. You can dedicate yourself to a program with a charity, which you usually have to pay for, or you can connect with locals, and help out with whatever they need. You’ll have all the enjoyment of doing something new and different, while also getting the satisfaction of helping others. It’s a win-win situation, essentially.

Challenging Yourself

You may also want to look at using travel as a way to challenge and improve yourself. It’s a big old world out there, and it’s not always a walk in the park. There’s much you can learn about yourself by trying to say, complete the Santiago de Camino in Spain, when it’s just you, out there on your own, trekking through the outdoors. Indeed, you’ll learn more about yourself in that environment than you ever could in a city, but if travel fails to deliver, consider a challenge closer to home such as violins for beginners. Here you will find 16 violins to suit any budget, a great way to learn more about your possibilities and limitations, and to find your creative spark.

Without a Plan

Finally, put an extra dose of excitement into proceedings by travelling without a plan. You don’t need to organise everything, or even anything, in order to have a good time. You’ll find that it’s a lot more exciting to simply figure things out as you go!


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