8 Fun Things You Can Do In Lockdown

The recent COVID-19 pandemic had a considerable impact on the world’s economy. This deadly virus is associated with some vices, but it also came along with a few virtues. For instance, no matter how bad the lockdown idea may seem, it has made some people venture into beneficial engagements.

Ever since the onset of lockdown in various countries, some visionary entrepreneurs that have been affected by the pandemic share various inspirational projects. Through these projects, some independent creators and enterprises received visibility and support. 

If you are wondering what you should do during lockdown to keep yourself engaged, here are a few fun things to add on your To-do list.

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Opt for Freelance Qualitative Research

Since movement outdoors is restricted during a lockdown, one of the best things you could do is working from home. For instance, as a freelance writer, you can easily detect how to become more agile while remaining cost-efficient. 

Since physical interviews and field research are on hold because of restricted movement, you could opt for emails and desk-based research interviews. You can also draft an updated methodology that blends contributions from maestros, consumers, and online academia for a desirable perspective for future projection.

Create an Online Store

Did you ever imagine that you can make a living while in your bedroom, living room, or patio? Because of restricted movement during this pandemic, how about you create an online store that focuses on the community.

With that said, you know that masks are like an ID nowadays. It won’t hurt if you created a downloadable plan that guides people on making their masks. You will even be surprised because people may ask you to make some masks for them, and just like that, you can start connecting with people.

Once you share the tips on making a mask, you can make some masks yourself and sell them at a cost price or even donate them to the hotspot areas. By doing this, you could have saved a lot of people’s lives and made a living. Well, that’s not hard to do. Is it?

Ever Thought of Making a Family Tree?

Have you ever gone through your family album and come across some faces you have never seen before? Well, in this case, take some time while in lockdown and construct that family tree. This will help you significantly if you want to know about your family history. 

Through research, the family tree will play a vital role in ensuring that you know more about your family members whom you’ve never met before. Through that, you can increase your bond with distant bloodline members. A family tree is one thing that can help you understand various bonds that are necessary for you. Feel free to plan for an online family photography session and keep those memories.

Novel Writing

How about you reduce consumption and start creating?

Assuming that you have always wanted to write a novel, but time has always been a constraint, don’t let go of this opportunity. It could help if you knew that Shakespeare did some of his writings in isolation. An excellent example of a piece he did in isolation was King Lear. Let this be a motivating factor for you to write your opus.

However, you can have some challenges on where to start with your writing. Fear not. There are many free online courses that will closely guide you on how to begin fiction writing. These courses will help you get on the right track.

Write That Song Today

Music is one thing that hits right when you are in an isolated environment. The company you could receive by listening to a song or writing one is incomparable to none. Are you the type of person with musical persuasion? Then channel your current feelings into a poem. You can also create a whole album about them.

Starting may be a challenge, but there are many songwriting courses online that could get you in the correct mind frame. Who knows you could do this well and make some Spotify playlists while you get inspired?

Conduct A Games Night

Are you tired of another pub quiz? That’s normal. Plan on having a games night because this is a sure-fire way that keeps your friendship group or the entire family entertained during the lockdown. 

Tips on Hosting a Games Night

  • Make one of your loved ones a happy hour host and request them to perform a live cocktail master class
  • Orchestrate some drinking games
  • Play charades
  • Get one person to mime phrases and identify who is best in lip reading
  • Play Bingo

Learn Knitting

Many fashionable and sustainable knitting brands run free tutorials on Instagram. They have a specific tune in hours and days. Through these meetings, you can learn knitting with help from their influencers. 

These tutorials provide opportunities to all age brackets by getting them involved in something crafty while at home. It is also one of the best ways of passing the time by becoming a little bit creative in the afternoons. Don’t stop at anything. Take advantage of such tutorials and make your lockdown less boring.

Learn a Language

You must have planned on learning a new language at one point in life, but the time factor became an issue. Take this chance now. There are many YouTube video selections and other online tutorials that you can easily access. Maximize these channels and learn that language today.

There are also various language applications with immense features. These apps have several video clips recorded by great speakers across the world. Use this opportunity and keep immersing yourself in different cultures.

Have Some Fun During Lockdown!

If Netflix becomes a little bit boring and the thought of spending some hours on your bed or couch perusing some memes is too much, it is about time you changed your routine by getting those creative juices moving. Don’t be stuck on what you should do at the moment. The tips discussed above will keep you engaged like never before.

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