6 ideas to personalize your house on a budget

Even though home décor magazines make redecorating the home look like a dream, we all know that that’s not really the case. The look of their sleek kitchens and warm bedrooms could make anyone feel the urge to make their own home look just as beautiful. But to get that look, it’ll probably take thousands of dollars (at the least).

But even though those picturesque homes seem perfect, if you even had the budget to make yours look like that, would you? Probably not. And that’s because your home isn’t just a pretty place to look at, it’s also yours.

The best part of re-decorating a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or using specialists like DBI Basement Conversion are the personal touches. It’ll make your place feel more comfortable and homey. Things like kitchen splashbacks just finish the room off. You can get them from Simply Plastics.

If you’ve ever gone through this before, you already know that it’s a little more complicated than it sounds. Finding the right balance between your budget and what you want can take a while. 

And if you’re impatient, a full home renovation is out the question. Those can take weeks. And considering the number of surprise challenges that might arise, those weeks can quickly change into months. But, don’t be discouraged, you can find some quick ideas like these from Kitchen & Bathroom Creations.

So, how do you change up your home on a budget? How do you make it scream you without breaking the bank or taking months?

But let’s not forget the last primary issue that people deal with: what if you’re not really good at decorating? In other words, it’s one thing to have a vision of your dream place, but what if you can’t execute it? Or what if you just have a general feeling of how your home will feel but don’t know how to get it there?

The best way is to start small and simple. Figure out some themes that you like, such as color palettes. Also, think about the furniture that you’re planning around. 

An easy way to get going is to consider small additions. 

Many people underestimate the power of an accent piece to really bring together a room. And this is where you can throw in personal touches. It’s cheaper, and you can get a lot out of it. 

But even with this advice, where should you start? If you need some more help, here are 6 ideas that will help you personalize your house on a budget? You can also check out organizedworktips.com for more home DIY tips and ideas.

1. A wall frame set

A wall frame set can allow you to show off some of your favorite memories. You can use them to display your family vacations, weddings, or even commemorate past generations. 

The benefit of buying frames in a set is that they already match one another, so you don’t have to worry about buying a bunch of frames and then realizing they don’t look good together. 

The Kate and Laurel Bordeaux 10 piece wood frame set comes in a variety of beautifying neutral colors, that’ll make your memories the star of the show. The complete set runs at about $80, making the frames less than $10 per piece. 

2. Hanging planters

Hanging planters are a beautiful way to bring in some fresh air and a pop of nature. They’re a nice way to make a plain wall feel less empty. 

The Umbra Trigg Hanging Planter Vase and Geometric Wall Décor Container is a beautiful set of two that comes in a variety of colors so that you can match it to any color scheme. 

If you’re worried about taking care of a plant, you can plant succulents, which are easy to care for. You could also use fake plants so that you don’t have to take care of them at all.

3. Himalayan glow pink crystal salt lamp (Cool Things Chicago)

Himalayan salt lamps are beautiful. They add such a unique, Earthy tone to any room, and their amber color feels so warm. 

Not only are these lamps a great way to decorate, but many people like them, because they’re known to have a variety of health benefits. While these claims are up for debate, even if they’re not true, at least you have a beautiful addition to your home!

The Himalayan Glow Pink Crystal Salt Lamp was even mentioned in Cool Things Chicago’s list, ’37 Amazing Gifts That Will Make Your Favorite Woman Super Happy.’

But if you have pets, be wary! Pets are known to lick these salt lamps, and this can lead to salt poisoning. 

4. A light-up electronic word clock

Everyone needs a clock in their home, but why settle for something plain and boring. The Sharper Image Light Up Electronic Word Clock is chic and unique. It comes in two finishes, black, and copper so that you can pick the best one for your home. 

It’s also a great clock for the bedroom, office, or kitchen, making it a versatile purchase. And it won’t break the bank, because you can get it online for $31.99.

5. Custom Star Map 

A Twinkle in Time custom star map is one of the best ways to make your home personal. When you order one of their maps, you get to pick a specific day, and Twinkle in Time will produce a star map of the sky on that exact day. You can also add text to the star map, such as a location or a special message.

With Twinkle’s in Time’s star map, you’ll have a beautiful wall decoration that memorializes a special day in your life.

6. Relaxation fountain

Imagine sitting at home and hearing the faint sound of water trickling down rocks. It’s calming, and it feels as if you’re in a quiet forest near a stream.

This is why HoMedics’s Silver Springs Indoor Relaxation Fountain is a great addition to your home. It’s small enough to fit on your counter or your bedroom shelf. It even lights up, adding a soothing glow to any room you put it in. 

The fountain can be purchased for less than $25, making it reasonably priced, especially for all the amazing features it’ll add to your house. 

So if you’ve felt that redecorating is a daunting process, hopefully, these tips and suggestions will help you make your home feel more like you. You no longer have to sacrifice what you want for your budget, and these amazing items truly demonstrate that.

These pieces are also great because they work in any home. They’re easy to match with any theme and can be customized to make your house feel exactly how you want it to. 

While these suggestions span a wide range, there are many other options you could look into. If you didn’t find anything among this list, hopefully, it at least inspired you. 


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