5 Ways To Get The Best PEMF Device in 2022

When it comes to buying the best PEMF devices, you can be certain that these few actions will save you money and time. You just need to ensure you select the right PEMF therapy device that can improve your health from the market. If you choose the right device, the investment you make will be a major asset for your health and that of your loved ones.

 Read on if you want to know the different ways to buy the right and affordable PEMF devices in 2022.

#1. Be Informed

One of the first and major ways to get a good PEMF device is to be informed about it. You need to realize that there is not one single device that can satisfy everyone’s requirements and needs.

 There is a wide range of other devices in the market that are produced by some of the best manufacturers. When producing them, they bring to the market their unique philosophy and specifications that can only be for a specific purpose. 

 The pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) devices have been a major subject for several years of studies, which confirms their worth. PEMF devices offer real and tangible benefits to a lot of people experiencing the most with several diseases and various physical conditions.

#2. Find it’s Need and Characteristic

Before you purchase the right and affordable PEMF device this year, you may want to ask yourself several questions to narrow down your options and make the right choice. Are you an athlete or do you have a sedentary lifestyle? Do you suffer from any chronic health issue or just a temporary discomfort located at a specific point? What is your budget plan for the device you want to buy?

 Chronic diseases and conditions require different stimulations than therapies to keep your body healthy. If your aim is to get a PEMF device to help you maintain a general state of wellbeing, then you need to choose an ‘entry-level’ device. Such a device will emit an electromagnetic intensity of medium power and only has a few frequency levels.

 On the other hand, if you suffer from chronic pains or very serious medical conditions and injuries, you should go for a more advanced device. The therapy device will provide high therapeutic intensities, with two independent channels to simultaneously use two applicators in different locations of the body.

#3. Understand its Technical Features

Choosing a PEMF device means you also have to evaluate it in terms of both it’s construction and magnetic field emission. The following are the most important parameters to consider:

  • Intensity: Depending on the condition of the body to be treated, some intensity values are much better than the others. It doesn’t matter whether the electromagnetic energy supplied is low or high, therapy will always be effective.
  • Applicator: When comparing modern PEMF applicators to those in the past, you will discover that those in the market today are more suitable for the treatment of various diseases. The intensity of the magnetic field significantly reduces as the distance from the area to be treated increases. It means that the ideal situation is contact between the emitting source and the skin of the patient.
  • Frequency: It is important to know if there are PEMF devices that use very different ranges of frequencies, however, the healing principle of the therapy is almost the same and still effective.

Other ways that can help you get good and affordable PEMF devices include:

  • Finding out the pre and after-sales support
  • Knowing the manufacturer.


Before you make a decision on the type of PEMF device to buy today, you need to follow all the points presented above. Each one of them represents the major points that make the difference between buying the right or wrong device. Good luck!

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