4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Pool Area

For those who love entertaining guests outside or in your pool area, you’ll want it to be a welcoming and enjoyable place to be. If you’ve been searching for ways to create or enhance your pool area, there are several great additions you can consider that will amaze your guests and create the perfect outdoor gathering spot. 

1. Outdoor Furniture

Setting up a lovely seating area will make your pool area a big hit. Whether you’re just lounging poolside or having a pool party, chairs, chaise loungers, dining sets, or even daybeds can jazz up your pool. In addition to seating, you may want to consider something more permanent and functional like a pergola. Adding the luxury pergola will give you a protected area to add your seating, frame a pool bar or outdoor oven, or even something to grow benign plants on. Pergolas can be used to hang lighting, hold outdoor speakers, and even serve as a bit of a windbreak when wall lattices or automatic curtains.

2. Creative Lighting

You can add some fun and imaginative lighting to your pool for a change of pace. Lights can be added to the pool, the pool area, seating, or a poolside bar. Color-changing lights are a great idea for nighttime fun or just to bring a little interest. You’ll also want to consider different types of lighting. Fiber optic lights, wall lights, and floating lights are just some of the options available to you. Lights also do a great job of creating a great atmosphere for nighttime gatherings.  

3. Water Feature

Although you have a pool, a water feature does a lot to define space and bring a more zen-like atmosphere to your outdoor space. The sound of the water can be soothing, and oftentimes it provides some support for the ecosystem of your outdoor space. Alternatively, you can place a water feature in your pool. It could be as simple as a spout or as ornate as a waterfall. Adding a water element can dress up your pool in some elegant ways, or it can increase the joy and whimsy of the area. The water feature you choose will add a different flavor to your pool and provide a different experience.

4. Fire Pit

A fire pit always goes over well for evening and nighttime gatherings. They’re multifunctional additions that can be used to decorate, prepare food, and provide heat. Fire pits enhance the overall feel of your outdoor space. The juxtaposition between fire and water is always intriguing because in their opposition the two elements bring balance to the space. It’s an interesting match that gets noticed for all the right reasons. 

If you’ve been looking for ideas to give your pool area some updating, this list has plenty to get your creative juices flowing. Take into account your style preferences and your climate when choosing pieces for your pool area. Decide on a theme and a color scheme to better pull the look together. A little planning will go a long way with these transformative little touches.

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