4 Things to Do in Cambridge for a Long Weekend

London’s picturesque neighbour and home to one of the most famous universities in the world, Cambridge has become synonymous with academia and quintessentially British traditions and landscapes. This small city, which is easily reachable by train from London, is like a postcard. 

There’s so much to see and do here. With so many cream teas to eat, institutions to visit and university buildings to gaze in wonder at, there’s nothing like a long weekend in Cambridge to learn more about the UK’s rich history and about all the famous names that walked the university’s hallowed halls.

King’s College Chapel

By far one of the most renowned university buildings, King’s College Chapel hosts one of the best choral choirs in the world and is where the BBC’s Christmas Eve carol service takes place every year. 

The building itself takes a leaf out of the gothic playbook and is imposing to look at. Crowned with slim spires and enthroned with gargoyles and dastardly turrets, King’s College Chapel was founded by Henry VI in 1441, making it one of the oldest buildings in the whole of the UK. You don’t just get incredible architecture, you also get a slice of centuries-old history.

Scott Polar Research Institute Museum

Cambridge University is also famous for its world-class research, and nothing quite beats their polar research that has seen dedicated scientists take on some of the most harsh and inhospitable environments in the world. 

If these freezing-cold no-mans-lands intrigue you, the Scott Polar Research Institute Museum always has gripping exhibitions that fully immerse you in the other worldliness of these expeditions and its central hero, Robert Falcon Scott. You don’t even have to pay to go in: perfect for a rainy afternoon.

Cambridge Junction

Cambridge University isn’t the only thing Cambridge has to offer. It’s also home to a thriving arts and live performance scene with Cambridge Junction being the place to be for all things comedy and music.

Enjoy anything from alternative indie music to rock n’ roll and folk. You can giggle away at some incredible comedy; they often host Edinburgh Festival previews, giving you the chance to enjoy that inimitable British sense of humour before anyone else.

Punting down the River Cam

Probably one of the most romantic activities in this cutesy city is to go punting down the river. Hire a punting boy or take on the challenge yourself to weave the boat around the winding river, avoiding the lush banks whilst you’re at it. 

The perfect thing to do on a hot and sunny day, feel free to take a bottle of Pimms (is there anything more British?) and a hamper of snacks with you and enjoy the River Cam the right way.

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