3 Changes You Can Make to Any Room without Violating the Terms of Your Lease

While places like senior living facilities and similar spaces can be very accommodating, a lot of leases can be restrictive, particularly about the changes you can make to the space. Still, it’s very possible to make changes that make any space your own.

Here are 3 such changes you can make.


If you want to customize your space, one of the first things you can do is bring in your own furniture and rearrange it, as it usually doesn’t alter the property’s structure.

Say you want to create a cozy reading nook in your rented bedroom. Why not bring in a comfortable chair, a small bookshelf, and a pretty lamp? 

All you really need to do for this or similar changes is to measure the available space and choose furniture that fits. Then, be careful not to scratch or damage the floors.

It’s very important that you keep the original furniture in a safe storage area so you can return the room to its original state when you move out.


Swap out light fixtures or bring in lamps; it’s one of the simple changes that don’t typically mean any permanent changes at all.

Say you’re not satisfied with the outdated ceiling fixtures in your rented apartment and you want to get a more modern pendant light. Why not!

However, it’s a good idea to get some form of permission for this one if you’re not merely unscrewing bulbs or bringing in lamps, because many times swapping out light fixtures means turning off the electricity to the fixture, safely uninstalling the old fixture, and installing the new one following the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Like before, keep the original fixture to reinstall when you move out.

Temporary Modifications

There are plenty of temporary modification helpers like adhesive hooks and removable wallpaper.

And so if you want to hang artwork, photographs, or other decorative items on your walls, it’s a good idea to use adhesive hooks instead of nails or screws; when you can’t paint the walls but want to add a pop of color, using removable wallpaper is often the ideal solution.

You can even DIY it! For adhesive hooks; select the appropriate weight capacity for your items, clean the wall surface, apply the hook following the manufacturer’s instructions, and remove it without leaving residue when you move out. 

To apply removable wallpaper; carefully measure and cut the wallpaper to fit your wall, and follow the provided instructions.

As always, when it’s time to move, peel off the wallpaper, taking great care to make sure you do it without damaging the paint or underlying surface.

Your space should and can be what you want it to be, even if you’re renting it. And you don’t even always have to check with your landlord for certain changes; these tips are a good place to start. 

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