2022 Health Sector Job Market Analysis and Predictions

The healthcare sector is an industry that’s constantly adapting to the latest trends and technologies. With its rapid growth, the demand for healthcare jobs is growing by leaps and bounds.

In the future, we will see many new jobs created in this industry. These jobs will include doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. The challenge for employers will be to attract talent that has the right skill set for their company.

The health sector is currently facing a number of challenges such as an aging population and increasing costs. They need people who are creative to find new ways of solving these problems and come up with innovative solutions.

The Future of the Job Market for Health Care Professionals

  • Healthcare employment to increase by 17% in 2022
  • Demand for healthcare workers, from a nurse to a collaborating physician, will equal the number of people living in the US, twice as many people as currently live here.
  • But health professionals will not be able to keep up with demand and nearly half of jobs will go unfilled.
  • Unemployment rates are projected to drop from 8.7% in 2017 to 7% by 2022

What is the Career Path for Medical Care Professionals? Where do I Start My Career?

The medical care industry is ever-changing and those who are passionate about helping the sick and injured can find a career in it. It’s important to know what your options are after high school if you want to be a medical assistant. Some other mid-career transition options include becoming a medical assistant, becoming a nurse, entering the field of public health, or even becoming an attorney.

After high school, some of the best career paths for medical care professionals include becoming a nurse or an emergency medical technician/paramedic. Medical assistants have specific skills that make them ideal for working with doctors and nurses in hospitals, clinics, private practices, nursing homes – wherever there is healthcare work.

How to Find a Job in Medical Care

A medical job search is not just about finding a job. It’s about finding a position that fits your talents and can help you grow as a professional.

There are many jobs in the medical field that require specific credentials, such as doctor, nurse and paramedic. In order to stand out from the competition, do your research on what employers want to see on resumes and prepare accordingly.

An experienced resume writer can help you write an outstanding resume that includes everything employers need to see to uncover whether you are a good fit for the job and will be an asset for their company.

What is the Process for Resumes and How Do I Get Hired if I am Interested in a Job?

As it is said, a person’s resume is their professional calling card. It is important to keep the latest trends and job requirements in mind when writing your resume.

  • Be curious and ask questions that will help you showcase your skills
  • Be clear about your strengths
  • Research the company or organization for which you are applying
  • Structure your resume for relevance


In the coming years, the medical professions will be more accessible than ever. There is a need to prepare for a career in this field now before the demand is too high.

Medical school has been around for centuries and it will be around for many more centuries to come. Medical assistants can get their start in the field with internships or short-term fellowships. They can also pursue further education through online courses or programs at an accelerated pace.

With technological advancements getting better everyday, it’s easier than ever to start your medical career today!

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