2021 Home Design Trends: How to Refresh Your Space

2020 was a year when we spent most of our time at home—decluttering our spaces, clearing out the basement, reorganizing the pantry, and everything in between. It was a time when we devoted most of our time and energy browsing through the Internet for inspiration to help clean our spaces and make them as personalized as they can be. 

Such renewed interest in home organizing has paved the way for various design trends that are influencing the way we decorate every room at home, including sleep spaces. While the emphasis on comfort and functionality at home remains, there are some wonderful bedroom design trends that you’ll want to embrace well into 2021 and beyond. Continue reading to discover more. 

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Texture on Texture 

Velvets, knitted blankets, and other plush fabrics are taking up spaces on accent chairs, armrests, and even bed frames. 2021 is all about layering with warm, toned textures as well as fascinating and clever bedroom storage ideas. Think of draping a chunky mustard yellow knitted blanket on your couch or accenting it with a beige fleece to match your overall neutral color palette. The key to riding this trend is to use at least two different textures to create an impact. When done right, this will make your home look warm and cozy. 

Multifunctional Accessories 

Multi-purpose furniture items can be considered both a need and a want, particularly these days as people continue to work remotely at home. From a shelf that converts into a table to a modular couch that can be broken into separate pieces for extra seating, furniture businesses are coming up with innovative ideas. These concepts answer the growing demands of consumers for accessories as they adjust to a new lifestyle at home. 

Aesthetic Storage 

The pandemic has changed global online shopping behaviors and the shift towards e-commerce is likely to stay for good. But, what about the stuff that we’re buying online? Besides home essentials, food supplies, and the occasional clothes and personal items that we purchase, consumers are also shopping for aesthetic storage solutions to keep these items without them cluttering our spaces. Some examples include floating shelves, rattan baskets, and other plastic storage boxes in neutral colorways or those with wooden accents. 

Bold, Functional Lighting 

Lighting solutions at home are no longer merely aesthetically appealing. They serve their purpose or two, as well, rendering them both an accent and a functional accessory. However, don’t be surprised if you’re seeing a resurgence of chandeliers, as they are by far the best for adding drama for their impressive look and scale. 

Earth Tones 

Decorating in earth tones is a classic that continues to persist well into 2021. But, this year, beiges, browns, and rust hues seem to have gone beyond textiles as they are now also being used on focal points like upholstered headboards and sofas. Some homeowners are also opting to pair these neutral colors with bolder, nature-inspired choices such as rich reds, oranges, and mustard yellows and the result is an equally classic and elegant scheme.

Wall Displays 

Specifically for bedrooms, homeowners these days are also adding interest to walls using handmade crafts like macrame wall hanging, woven plant hangers, and tapestries with interesting details and fabrics. Some others opt to use specialized paint finishes, such as those that recreate the look of an unfinished cement wall. Color-wise, we also see shades of refreshing green that reflect our newfound interest in plants and gardening. 

There’s little point in following the trend if your home looks cluttered and untidy. We have already dedicated most of our time and effort towards organizing our homes. You would want to keep or further improve the way your house looks today even as we slowly return to the new normal after the pandemic. If the above point isn’t any indication, investing in the right home storage solutions is key to keep your home tidy, even as we eventually return to schools and offices. This much is true in bedrooms where we spend most of our time at home. 

How to Organize Your Bedroom in 3 Easy Steps 

1. Declutter your closet 

Get into a Marie Kondo vibe and take a hard look at your closet. Consider getting rid of the clothes you have not worn in a year and more and organize what’s left by style, color, or activity. Box away seasonal items like winter coats and scarves to free up more space in your room. Think of repurposing older clothing items, too, like cropping an old sweatshirt, ironing a patch, or tie-dying a shirt. If you need some spring cleaning ideas, check this article at validpick.com.

2. Designate a space for work

If you have shifted to remote working or online schooling, you will have to clear some space for your working table to draw the line between work and rest. The key is to keep a clutter-free space to stay productive. You would also want to maximize your vertical space and keep only the essentials on your desk. 

3. Clear the space for mental space 

Overall, your objective should be decluttering and rearranging your bedroom in a way that it would be less cramped and cluttered. There have been several articles online discussing the benefits that well-organized living spaces can offer, from keeping you productive to reducing stress levels, and everything in between. You may also want to have space for activities like movie nights or exercising at home. 


These unusual times have allowed us to do the things we wouldn’t normally have time for, pre-pandemic—cleaning, organizing, and probably reflecting on our lifestyle and earthly possessions. By this time, we are probably already aware of the things that we need and have accepted to get rid of the clutter that we have held onto for years. These have allowed us to make room for the essentials, which may include items we never realized we needed until now.

Which home design trends have you followed this 2021? Did we miss out on anything? Let us know by leaving a comment below! 


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